Friday, May 05, 2006

Uh, dude, wanna go to the march? Nah, pass the doritos

Get Ready for the Global Million Marijuana March
1 day left until we march through Portland to celebrate our community and call for an end to the arrest and persecution of adult cannabis consumers.

March with (Ma)*, the All-Cannabis Dragon! Measuring over 40 feet with a four-foot head, MA will lead the march, showing her cannabis-stalk head and hemp-cloth body as proof of the many positive uses of marijuana.*

*Shockingly, these positive uses aren't listed.

we call on the governments of the world to end the insane prohibition of nature's most useful plant: cannabis / hemp / marijuana.

More useful than trees...?

The marijuana dragon.

I originally went to the pot head site to see what kind of stuff they were saying about yesterday's supreme court decision but the "million marijuana march" is even funnier!


Bob said...

I guess if you're stoned, a fourty-foot hank of vent tubing is really significant.

Anonymous said...

Happy "Stinko De Mayhem."

Jim in KFalls said...

More useful than Soy beans or Rice?

BEAR said...

more useful than hula hoops?, or fruit loops?