Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Drug dealers: No more drug busts

A few pics from yesterday:

Oh ok, we'll stop enforcing the law because you say so...

And there it is. I'm sure that appeals to most Americans...


Anonymous said...

I'll bet the arrest rates were low for the first time in years.

Bruce said...

Those 2 pictures especially the bottom one is what they really want. AMNESTY NOW!!!! or else. Those last 2 words "or else" were missing but very much implied. Did anyone see where it got violent in California (where there are a majority of hispanics). Protesters charged and fought with riot police. I have been predicting the upswing in violence if they are not accomodated with ALL their demands. It is coming in Oregon soon....soon......soon. I WANT THESE FUCKING GREASY WETBACKS OUT OF MY COUNTRY and any other taco-bending motherfuckin' hispanic that sympathizes with them.

Anonymous said...

too bad for you!

thats a lie! no body fight with police in LA you F..Ignorant!

you love us!

you need us!

are you scared now daniel??

soon residents!

Sue K. said...

In your dreams!

Bruce said...

Appear at my doorstep or barber shop and you'll see who is scared or not, you fuckin' anonymous piece of shit. Stick a chicken and worm flag in my face.....you'll regret it!!!!! Fair warning. CNN reported violence in California w/police and we know CNN is far left. Thats OK...YOU BASTARDS ARE STARTING TO PISS OFF EVEN SOME LIBERAL SENATORS AND LEGISLATORS.

el razonador said...

Daniel -- I think you're off the mark in your assessment. These protests have virtually silenced those who love being in front of a microphone or tv camera most: politicians. 50,000 people in Denver is no small number. 400,000 in Chicago...do you not fathom the magnitude of that number? I think you're in a state of denial. This thing is not going to turn in your favor.

Bruce, you're a racist jerk...you defame your cause.

Anonymous said...

I am a little confused. By definition the word pride means: "The quality or state of being proud." However, A person leaving their country to come to the United States because their country won't provide the essentials for it's citizens; is not being proud of their country. They don't have pride in their country, or they wouldn't have left their country.

Ironically enough pride also means a company of lions! Now that makes sense!

Anonymous said...

whats your address i be there

Calhoun said...

One interesting thing from yesterday : a crowd of Mexican protestors in Tijuana attempted to march into the US. The Tijuana border crossing was closed for a while. Great demonstration of their arrogance toward our country.

And found another interesting article, from yesterday :
"Van crashes after crossing wrong-way across San Diego border.
- Thomas Watkins, AP
SAN DIEGO - A van packed with 55 people and equipped with specially-modified tires drove the wrong-way across the U.S.-Mexico border early Monday and struck an oncoming vehicle ...
The van passed over a spike strip but its tires had been filled with silicone and did not instantly shred...
All 54 passengers were taken into custody at the scene. The driver fled but was found hiding in a nearby trash bin."

Yeah, just the kind of people we should welcome into our country.

Anonymous said...

Letters to the Oregonian


Page said...

If you guys can sue the Federal Government to strengthen gas mileage requirements for sport utility vehicles and pickup trucks, why them don't you sue them so they have to enforce the immagration laws anfd enforce our boarders? Just because they have been here for years and some of them are working, doesn't mean the existing laws shouldn't be enforced. That would be like saying since "John Doe" has been driving 90mph in a 55mph for years, we should just raise the speed limit, instead of enforcing the speed limit.

Anonymous said...

CHICAGO had more people on the streets when the SOX won the World Series last year.
Even 1 Million Nationwide protesters, out of 12 Million Illegals is a SAD SHOWING really.

Did you all read the Salem paper about all the kids gone from School?
PROOF that a secure Border and enforcement of immigration laws would SAVE OUR SCHOOLs!
1:15 teacher to Student Ratio is EASILY POSSIBLE. The HOUSE Bill would make it a REALITY!
EL, why do you think the Senate hasn't passed a BIll in all these months? Because they know what they have to do to get re-elected and they are afraid to, because of pressure from "Slave-Labor" companies that fund their campaigns. That IS changing as we saw Thur.s before they left for Easter, didn't we?
YES, they know they will be kicked out is they pass Amnesty (even though the House would toss it anyhow).
EL, tell your friends to stash some money because they will need it for thier trip back to their Country soon.

Anonymous said...


soon residents!!!
you can not do anything!

and by the way where is your barber shop?

probably i was there , imagine iligal alien paying white trash for a hair cut, interesting.
and you can find me in the streets or in the border walking everiday!
that's me the soon resident.

with all my love to you bruce!

Anonymous said...

i forgot bruce!

your national anthem in spanish.
are you scared?

Daniel said...

Bruce, your angry words and name calling aren't helping. I have said that I won't regulate anyone's comments here but know that people will point to what you say when they talk about my blog.

And remember, when you talk about Hispanics you are talking about my wife and kids.

And the anonymouses with the poor grammar, no one is scared. We don't have to fear immigration, we don't have to fear that we will be arrested, we don't have to fear that we will be deported. You have to fear that our representatives will actually do the will of the people and make it impossible for illegal aliens to work in this country, make it impossible for them to drive, and make it impossible for them to cross the border illegaly!!

Anonymous said...

Well well..
Went to the march on monday and i gotta say, i was looking for any of you, and i just couldn't find any, being that you say that the vast majority wants us "cockroches" out of here.
I'll tell ya what i did see. I saw a LOT of american people waving and cheering us "greasy spics" on. It was beautiful Daniel, really was.
You see, when we see american people that get it, that are not bigots and racists, and that understand that we're in this togheter, we believe that this is indeed a great place to be.
Us "motherfucking hispanics" aren't going anywhere. As everybody saw, we won't be intimidated anymore by the likes of your blog's fans.
I know that deep inside you think that we're coackroaches and inferior- funny because you look mexican yourself- but that's allright you know? We won't really pay that much attention to nutjobs like your bunch anymore.
Like it or not, we're here to stay, legally or illegally. Unless you had a blindfold around your eyes, this was only the start. I know that you and your pals see this as the beggining of the end, or are going to keep advocating hate and fear under Jesus', but you know, Jesus loves us "Greasy Spics" too. In fact, if Jesus existed, he would of been right there with us "greasy fucking wetbacks"
What am i saying..?? I don't really give a rat's fuck what you people think, now educated, informed and rational people that can bring positive change, those i care about.
Now you can go back to American Idol and WWF

Bruce said...

First off..anonymous, you're blaming Daniel for those comments above. THAT'S NOT DANIEL. That was me...bruce! In your first paragraph,you stated that "americans that get it and are on our side are not racists or bigots". So...that stands to reason that if i oppose illegal immigration or anybody else opposes it, that makes me an automatic bigot and racist. In other words, if i stand up for my beliefs and they are opposed to yours...I am automatically wrong?
If you came to me and said "Bruce i think your daughter is so cute and nice, I would love to bed her down.Is it allright with you if I do?" If i said to you "NO, I would not like that.". Does my denial of your request make me automatically intolerant and racist or bigoted because i will not let you bed down my daughter. WHY, if i disagree with you, AM I AUTOMATICALLY WRONG?. That is the basic problem with all you lefties and PC crowd. Tolerance and diversity is all the rage with you guys EXCEPT towards someone who disagrees with YOUR views. The next statement.."Were here to stay legally or illegally, so get used to it" just shows your distain for any of our laws. Your own leader in this mess,Nativo Lopez, stated emphatically..."The U.S. has NO RIGHT to close it's borders". This was on the Scarborough show. AND YOU WONDER WHY SOME OF US GET MAD? Your side is telling us, we are coming in and we are going to do what we want,when we want and wherever we want and we want you to keep quite about protecting your country otherwise we will call you racists and bigots. SORRY! It doesn't work like that for me and i will not accept it. Sometimes i go over the top but i just want to let your side know that NOT all of us are just going to lay down and let you stomp us into the ground. A lot of us are getting really angry.....and for a while yet, we still outmumber you in vast numbers. NOW....Stop blaming Daniel for what i say. If you have a beef with me.....address it to me!!!! And on another post...NO I am not going to tell you where my shop is because i can tell thru the anger in your written words....I truly believe you would vandalize or somehow try to do harm to the place where i make a living. Do not think that i fear you because i do not. I'm just protecting what's mine.

Bruce said...

There ya go...Daniel. At times i can be rational and write coherently without yelling and screaming and cussing. I will try to continue.

Bruce said...

Also...anonymous on one of your posts, the proper way to say it would be "tell me where your barber shop is and i'll be there" NOT "I be there" Now, go learn some proper grammer!

Anonymous said...

Bruce, I'm there with you. Tigard sucks as it is. Every direction you turn in you are faced with Hispanics. Sitting around, standing around, walking through neighborhoods at night. The illustrious Tigard PD cars sitting in the lot instead of patrolling at night through neigborhoods. Wonderful place to live.