Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Do it again

A couple more pics from the Portland criminal alien march:

Can you geniuses cite the specific law you are referring to? Also, I'm pretty sure that most of the people alive in 1492 are dead now. Or is anyone with white skin here illegaly?

Huh? I think that I understand the "class" part (socialism) but who is the enemy? What is the union?

Shockingly the Oregonian didn't go with any of these pictures for their unbiased news coverage. It was all American flags and smiles...

Keep marching boys, you are doing us a favor!


BEAR said...

I saw lots of non-American flags. I also noticed that none of the chants were in English. Why are these illegals so afraid of the English language? Why would they want to bring the worst of what they are supposedly fleeing to the country of their "dreams?" Perhaps their message is as phony as their pretense of carrying the American flag?

Mike Mayhem said...

Fast Fact: No legislation has ever been passed naming English as the official language.

Anonymous said...

MIKE, In several states it IS the law!
OUR U.S./State CONGRESS conducts all lawful biz in English.
All OTHER immigrants from all over the World that are here LEGALLY...Speak ENGLISH.
#1 Language in BIZ & the WEB

even mike can type in english, whats the challenege with MEXICANS?
Oh it is such a great language, they are all leaving?
Tower of BABEL might be a story, but LOGIC says, it makes sense.

nek said...

I bet if the legal American citizens could vote on a national language, English would win by a landslide. But we lack the political leaders to take such stand or cast such a vote. They cannot offend any of those illegal aliens or they might protest and threaten not to work.

I invented the mullet said...

Maybe Mike just likes the sound of legions of people marching through his State Capitol screaming in a foreign language how they will take America back and turn it into a third world country just like the one they left? Maybe Mike likes the idea that illegal aliens are trying to shut down the nations economy while at the same time claiming they want to be accepted and treated as equals.

Maybe Mike just like to hear himself talk.

Daniel said...

Mike, should English be the official language? Should we have a common language?

Bruce said...

YOU WILL NEVER....NEVER CONVINCE ME THEY JUST WANT TO COME HERE AND WORK....BULLSHIT!!!! THE GREASY BASTARDS WANT US OUT OF HERE. AS MALCOLM X SAID...." BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY". Screw you, Mayhem and bm. You 2 jerks can wait to see if they are going to treat your kids or grandchildren as kindly as we have treated their anchor bastards. I KNOW BETTER....THERE IS NO WAY THEY WILL.

Anonymous said...

At the Salem illegal invaders march, I don't recall hearing any english spoken over the loudspeaker. It was all in Spanish!! All the chants, everything in Spanish. You would think they would call their rally the Mexican immigrant rally since the rally is exclusionary towards people of different cultures and races. Their rally isn't very "culturally competent" (idiot term I see in some of the State DHS job announcements now days) in nature and is in fact very exclusionary. The guys speaking at the illegal event sounded very angry. I just hope they have more rallies. Because it is true, everytime they rally, they piss off US citizens and educate actual US citizens on how enormous and detrimental this problem is to our country. Hopefully people will get pissed enough to actually get off their couch and vote in some Congressmen that will actually act in a meaningful way on the issue. I am tired of these jackass Congressmen, McCain and the rest of them, attempting to obscure what the meaning of amnesty is(play taken out of the Clinton play book, what the meaning of is, is). I have heard repeatedly, Congressmen on different shows say, "amnesty means different things to different people". And, "it depends on what you mean by amnesty, my bill is not an amnesty program". Oh BS, those bunch of bullshit liars. Packaging amnesty in different forms hoping US citizens will be dumb enough to allow them to pass one of the versions. The whole worthless Congress and President need to be changed. Too many of those old buzzard Senators have been sitting in their overstuffed leather chairs for too long, the majority of which do not have the American peoples' best interest in mind.

R Huse said...

Damn – That “All Europeans are illegal” picture is one for the books. Ok, so since the liberals seem hell bent on loving these people even though they are law breakers and racists, could we at least maybe pick off a few and get them to agree these people should be deported due to their complete stupidity? Maybe they are using some wacky maps in Mexico but the last time I checked Spain was in Europe. Do these jokers actually think every last one of them is descended wholly from an indigenous bloodline? Who knows, maybe they aren’t all that stupid after all. I mean the sign does play into liberal white guilt perfectly.

peod in Oregon said...

Mikey, looks like you're hooked. Gotsta get your fix of the old Daniel blog. Guess your post from yesterday didn't hold up anymore than your logic!
Let me see, I think it was:
"I'd also like to say that I'm done debating those Daniel followers over on his blog, because they're boring and unable to explain the reasons for their anti-immigrant stance... over and over and over again."
Don't worry, we still love ya and realize it must get lonely living in your mom's garage. Rock on M.H.

B.M. said...

I know someone who is "hell bent" on loving "these illegal aliens" but no one wants to hear about him.

They even crucified him while he was on earth, but no one remembers that or cares about that even if they claim to believe in him.

How can anyone expect mercy from our savior yet show no compassion whatsover for someone who is trying to make a better life for their family?

I guess it's a one way street right.

B.M. said...

So Bruce what are you saying about Malcolm X, do you dislike African Americans as well?

Bruce said...

I like Afro-Americans just fine....get along good with most of them except the Black Panther party.

R Huse said...

Well I think that’s great that you know Jesus Christ on some sort of personal level b.m. I think it’s also great you seem to have a direct line to Him so you can say definitively what He would do. For myself I don’t see a lot of reason to be very compassionate towards people who break the law. I especially don’t see a lot of reason to do so when the lawbreakers have some very racist overtones to their marches as demonstrated by the signs they carry and the organizations that support them. So tell me this – the Klan was only interested in a better life for their family, they carried signs similar to what you see in these marches, they were certainly a marginalized group within our society, should I have compassion for them? And does compassion always mean acquiescing to demands?

R Huse said...

Fact Fact A whole heap o' legislation has been passed designating English as the official language. To wit:


Passed Nov. 7 2000 - 63-13-1.5. Official state language.
(1) English is declared to be the official language of Utah.

New Hampshire

Effective July 31, 1996

3-C: 1 Official State Language. –
I. The official language of the state of New Hampshire shall be English.


Effective July 31, 1984

2.013 State Language – English is designated the official state language of Kentucky.

Arguing with Mike - its just shooting fish in a barrel.

Tim Lewis said...

From a Christian viewpoint (I think there's probably more than one, so I don't speak for all of them and they don't all speak for me), I think the issue is a little more than black & white (regardless of what either side of the issue will tell us). On one hand I believe Christ would love the illegals as much as anyone else. I also believe that he would condemn their illegal behavior, just as he would condemn anyone else for their sins. He might tell them to obey the government (Romans 13:1) and to pay taxes (Matt. 22; Mark 12; Luke 20).

I also believe that he would tell us to live peacefully with them. He might even tell us to let them take what they want (Matt. 5:38-42) since everything in this world is fleeting anyway.

So the Christian should live at peace with them, but we all should follow the rules the government has. I also think that the fluffy answer of "they want to make a better life for their family" doesn't work here, since there are legal ways (following the established government's laws) of becoming a legal immigrant and accomplish the same thing.

I don't know if we should deport them all right now. I'm up in the air on this one still. I think that giving them a chance to become legal citizens (6 months, a year?) might work too, and after that figure out who is really serious about becoming a legal immigrant or citizen. I do think that we might need to secure the borders so we have time to figure this thing out.

Perhaps compassion is demanding changes in their home countries/governments.

How's that for looking at more than one perspective?

Erik said...

Here is a great link to pictures taken at the Seattle May Day Parade. Taken by Byron Dazey @ Creative Flashes Photography

Ric said...

"Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced that approximately 100 volunteer posse and Sheriff's Deputies will soon begin randomly patrolling the desert areas and main roadways in southwest Maricopa County as a part of an operation to curb the flow of illegal immigrants entering the county.

Arpaio made the announced just as 11 more illegal immigrants were being booked in jail after a Ford Windstar with California plates and 16 people packed inside was stopped by a Sheriff's deputy early Tuesday morning on a traffic violation near Gila Bend."

via CBS 5 News

Oregon could benefit from a simular posse.

Scottiebill said...

The fishwrapper this morning had a lengthy article about the Catholic Church defending the illegal aliens.

In so doing they are violating at least one of the Ten Commandments - Thou Shalt Not Steal. In my opinion.

In defending the illegals, they are aiding and abetting the criminal aliens and, by extention, violating that Commandment.

This is nothing more than blatant hypocrisy by the Church that has fine-tuned hypocrisy to a science over the past 1700 or so years. This started in the 1300s when the Church was the ruling entity in Europe. They are the ones who initiated the Inquisition and burned everyone who did not agree with them. King Philip IV had Pope Clement on his team when they persecuted and burned the Knights Templar because they would not give up where their wealth was hidden. And people are still looking for that wealth.

The Church took a bunch of obscure letters and other writings from the first century, edited them down to where it suited their purposes, keeping some and taking those that they did not agree with for whatever reason, called these writings heresy, and made the rest into what we now know as the Bible.

My point in all this is that we should not take everything the Bible says as the gospel, if you will, truth. This Bible was written and edited by men bent on getting things their own way and using these writings to somehow justify their nefarious actions.

For people like Anonymous the Ultra-liberal Pontificator to continue spouting very limited portions of the Bible to make his point in defending the indefensible is showing everyone how he is buying into all this hypocrisy.

Scottiebill said...

As for English being the "official" language of the U.S., why should it not be? The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were both written in English. Lincoln wrote the Gettysburg Address in English, The Federalist Papers were written in English, and all of the deliberations, such as they are and have been, are all done inEnglish. Hell, even the Magna Carta was written in English.

That English has not been "officially" declared the language of the land, does not make English any less so, in spite of what the nay-sayers might say. Even their rhetoric is in English.

Just because a bunch of criminal illegal aliens want to change our language to theirs, that goes to show just one more thing this gang want to get for nothing, along with drivers licenses, voting privileges, welfare and food stamps, and citizenship. Now they want to change our language to theirs. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!

Anonymous said...


You ask why the Oregonian didn't print the pictures of the IWW. I have a question, why don't you, Hillbilly Hicky, The Botox Bimbo and others in your anti-immigrant movement hold up Bruce the KKK Barber as a spokesperson?

Tim Lewis said...

Scottiebill, I suppose it depends on which translation you are using and the context in which it is used. Some more recent translations, such as the NIV & NASB are complied from ancient Greek & Hebrew texts (not just one) and reviewed by a large panel of scholars in these languages from many different denominations. Admittedly, it's still reviewed by flawed humans, but the integrity of the message isn't really affected all that much.

It is, as you stated, when people take things out of context and run with them that things like the Crusades happen and people are being killed because the Bible told them to. People can try to equate Bush to this, but I don't think he's used religion (unless you equate democracy with Christianity) to this extent. I think it's a convenient ruse people use in their scrambling attempts to hate anything keeping them from doing everything they want unchecked.

I'll admit I don't totally agree with how the "administration" has run things, but the "administration" doesn't simply encompass Bush, or even Republicans. It includes all aspects of the government, including Democrats and everyone in between. That's the nature of the beast. That's why I'm dedicated to God more than I am government, but the Bible says to obey the laws.

B.M. said...

Hmmm, doesn't everyone have a direct line to God? And no I don't know how he would act exactly, but I know he wouldn't have the same attitude as some people on this blog.

As for breaking the law, don't we all do it everyday? We all speed right? So does it not matter as long as they are small laws that we are breaking?

And while they are certain groups of illegals that aren't the friendliest, you can say the same about those who are strongly against illegal immigration. Who threaten to harm illegals.

I don't think it is okay for illegals to be here illegaly, but I don't believe in treating them as garbage. There are people who are doing much worse.

Like the pornography industry, it corrupts billions of people, and yet it is legal.

R Huse said...

I definitely think that anyone who threatens to harm illegals is wrong. I don’t think that anyone who is to be taken seriously is proposing that. In fact I would like to state that I thoroughly condemn them, as does virtually anyone who would be considered reasonable on the pro border enforcement side. I have even condemned Bruce the barber’s language in my own blog in the past. No one who is reasonable is asking for anything other than the government to enforce the law.

That said it would be nice if for once we would hear the left condemn some of their own when they voice racist views. It would be nice if someone on the left would stand up and say “you know what, la Mecha is an overtly racist organization. La Raza – damn close to racist, they are not welcome at our march and we refuse to carry racist signs”. Instead all we ever hear is the usual cacophony of “well there are plenty on the right who are racist too”. That might be true, but there is nowhere near the tolerance for racists on the right as there seems to be for racists on the left as exemplified by the lack of criticism from the left of some of the marcher’s signs and attitudes.

The pornography business corrupts billions of people? Wow, where is the evidence of that? Has there been a study showing billions of people engaged in corrupt behavior and pornography made them do it? Or is it that merely the act of looking at pornography or taking a nude picture is a corrupt act? I do have to say that those that claim to have knowledge of how God would decide things and have huge pornography issues tend to be more than a little scary. We are currently at war with that sort right now. I can understand how some do find it objectionable, there are lots of things in life like that. However pornography is actually fairly easy to avoid if one wants to.

Mike Mayhem said...


No legislation has ever been passed naming English as the national language.

Calhoun said...

Regarding the whole Christ thing :

They brought him a woman (was she a hooker?) who had been caught in the act of adultery. "Our law says she must be stoned to death. What do you say?" they asked.

"He who is without sin shall cast the first stone at her." Jesus said.

Then all the crowd went away, one by one, each man being convicted by his own conscience.

Jesus asked her, "Has no one condemned you?"

"No one," she replied.

"Then neither do I condemn you. Go and sin no more."

Get the point? He didn't tell her to keep on turning tricks, breaking the law for money. He didn't tell her, well since no one condemned you, I'm going to change the law and make your crime legal.


And illegal aliens should stop breaking the law too. Don't try to make Christ an accessory to your life of crime.

B.M. said...

Calhoun, I can't believe you would take God's name in vane, and you are exactly right Christ told her to sin no more no anybody else.
I am not saying it's okay to sin, or break the law, but everyone is so quick to judge that they forget to look at their own imperfections.

So don't stick words in my mouth and don't take Gods name in vane.

Calhoun said...

Huh? I didn't take God's name in "vane." And I didn't stick anything in your mouth.