Sunday, May 14, 2006

Higher eductation in Oregon

Does the current state of the world piss you off?

Are you tired of being pushed around by the government?

Do the recent "Green Scare" tactics targeting radical environmentalists and eco-anarchists got you ducking for cover?

Is your tin-foil hat still on or did you leave it at 7-11 during your last marijuana induced midnight raid for munchies? (OK, I made that one up)

Then Don't Miss:
Ward Churchill in Eugene, Oregon
7:30pm - Thursday May 18th
at the E.M.U Ballroom
(On the University of Oregon Campus)

Ahhh, good old intellectuals. "does the state of the world piss you off" is clearly a question designed to invoke serious dialogue and though provoking responses.

I'm actually a little suprised at how many times Churchill has spoken at one of our taxpayer funded colleges.

See this google search.


Anonymous said...

Listening to the car radio earlier today and caught some Environmental program where the Lefties were crowing about all the lawsuits they are supporting, who they are against and how well they are doing.

Pity is they are doing quite well.

I have this hunch they all will be attending Ward's event.

KS said...

Protest this guy spreading his lies to young minds of mush - here's an idea; Bring signs that say he is a terrorist sympathizer, show a picture of him, Osama and the PM of Iran side by side, show that Churchill has been tipping off the Mexican consulate about the Minutemen, wants this country to be overrun with illegal aliens and supports Mexico taking over the Desert Southwest. Sure it stretches the truth in a few cases, but it probably is accurate in representing Churchill's stand on these issues.
It's time to fight fire with fire !

That ought to stir up the hornet's nest and bring some of the moonbats. both young and old out of their stupor.

Mike Mayhem said...

I thought this was an advertisement for the OFIR? I'm disappointed to say the least, but not suprised it was way too creative for the OFIR.

Scottiebill said...

Do you mean to say that the powers tha be are actually going to let this flaming idiot, Churchill, back in the state with all his anti-everything good for the USA, and pro-everything good for the terrorists and environmental wackos and AlQaeda Civil Liberties Union back in this part of the country? The ultra-liberal nut-cases are at it again. I'll bet even the students at Portland State, who don't want Peter DeFazio to speak at their graduation, are ecstatic with undisguised joy!

It seems to me that we conservatives ought to meet Churchill at the plane he is coming in on with a bucket of tar and a hundred pounds of feathers along with a rail to ride him out of town on, First Amendment rights not withstanding. After all, the tar and feathers treatment is our First Amendment right.

Mike Mayhem said...

haha, first amendment rights don't cover physical attacks. However it does cover absurd/rude comments that people like mr. churchill and many of the folks on this blog speak.

R Huse said...

You know, Churchill has always sounded like such a nut I might just have to go see him. I mean, I know he's the evil dreaded enemy but sometimes this sort of thing can be a real hoot. Ever see these one of these guys? People like Noam Chomsky, Farrakhan, Churchill et al.? Im telling you its so worth the time just for the laughs. Yes, its real serious, and they are real real bad, and we have to defeat them. Keep in mind, however, that these guys generally get paid for by your tax dollars, you really should get whatever giggles you can from the windbags.

Schmo said...

University of Colorado is set to announce the results of its investigation into Churchill's research misconduct on Tuesday, two days before his Eugene appearance. All the signs indicate that Churchill will get utterly roasted by his peers on the investigative committee. Prediction: At Eugene, Churchill will barely even touch on the eco-topic at hand. Instead, he will rant incoherently about his own personal problems, complaining about the conspiracy against him.

greenInk said...

The thing I always notice is that people who rail against Ward Churchill never seem to refute his arguments or his facts. If you read the book that contains the essay which got so many people hot under the collar, you will find that it is very comprehensively researched and footnoted.

People like to take things out of context and blow them up. It's much harder to examine the facts and counter them.

Gus said...

Good observation, greenink.

Unlike Michael Moore, who doesn't really back his info up, Ward Churchill provides solid scholarly arguments with sources. Intellectually, it's very hard to argue against the information that Ward presents, so opposition is usually in the form of name-calling or "he's anti-american" nonsense. Blind patriots really don't like our irrefutable dirty laundry being aired like this but can't admit what Ward says is true. So character assassination is the tool of the day.

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