Thursday, November 24, 2005

Robert Liberty: Future kids shouldn't have what I had

Metro Councilor Robert Liberty:

“Ozzie is dead, and Harriet is a working mom,” Liberty said. “What we need are homes for single-parent families who want to live near where they work, shop and go to school.”

The former head of 1000 Enemies of Property Owners (commonly called 1000 Friends of Oregon) wants to build our communities to cater to single mothers.

Never mind that there isn't a reputable study out there that doesn't say that the biggest indicator of a child's success is whether or not they grow up in a two-parent, married, household. (If you don't believe me head on down to your local jail or prison and survey the inmates to see how many had a traditional family)

So is Liberty a success story for the single-parent, urban living, panacea? Hardly.

Robert Liberty's boyhood home on NE Bryce Street, Portland, Oregon

Robert, age 2, with his family, circa 1955

But where is he now?

He lives in southeast Portland, in the Richmond neighborhood, with his partner, Khanh Tran.

I did a screen capture of the satellite imagery of his current house but it doesn't publish well in a small size. Head on over to and enter the address 3431 SE Tibbetts St, Portland, OR 97202-1846 and click "satellite."

It doesn't appear that Mr. Liberty lives near where he "works, shops, and goes to school" but this hypocrit is very eager to put a stop to the "family neighborhood" and replace it with a sardine can where kids have no yard to play in and the parents are too scared to send them outside anyways.


thomas said...

Mr. Liberty seems to be suffering with the BSS (Barbara Streisand Syndrom) and wants to infect the rest of us. Quarantine recommended?

And - (The reason I stopped by in the first place)- HappyThanksgiving Day to you and yours, Daniel!

Daniel said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family as well Thomas! I really appreciate that.

jwalker said...

Where would we be without a good dose of hypocrisy? Happy Thanksgiving Daniel!!!

Rick said...

Daniel, the image comes up quite nicely with google earth. Not a bad little house for someone who wants to put everyone into cramped little spaces.

Daniel said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you JWalker!

Rick, I intend to look at the houses of all METRO members and the high profile 1000 Enemies of Property Owners as well.

I think that they should all be forced to live in high-rise condos and only take public transit. Even in December. Even in the rain. Even to go grocery shopping.

MAX Redline said...

"I think that they should all be forced to live in high-rise condos and only take public transit. Even in December. Even in the rain. Even to go grocery shopping."

Forget grocery shopping. Make them go to Home Depot and bring home a new sink or toilet.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Daniel said...

Happy Thanksgiving Jay! I can't wait until they go furniture shopping!

james of salem said...

Ultimately the "I can't get a couch on the tram" argument will fall flat. We will be in coop-like cells w/ built-in furniture and a large drain on the floor. Doors will open at 7 so we can gather our taxes then close at 6 so we can return and pay them. No need for private prop - the State will provide all. Any modest amount of disposable income remaining will be confiscated by state endorsed, agressive panhandlers.

MAX Redline said...

Daniel, found some good news on the illegal alien front, which I posted over on Redline. As I've misplaced your addy, heres a link:

To me, this was almost as good as pumpkin pie! (heh!)

Anonymous said...

Here are a few facts concerning the Liberty residence:

It is on a double (100 x 100) lot. Mr. Liberty enjoys a spacious backyard.

The 2004 asessed value of the property for the purposes of taxation is only $110,000. Since Liberty bought the property for $215,000 in 12/03, it should be asessed at a bare minimum of $221,450 (215k + 3%). WTF?

The 2004 market value (the value the county maintains it's worth for taxes that do not fall under measure 5/47 limits and just in case they ever find a way to throw out 5/47) is $178,850. As a real estate broker, I can tell you that this property was worth about $275k in 2004. Again, WTF?

Anonymous said...

You're the man, Daniel. Great post. Keep up the good work.

I can't wait to see where these other hypocrites live.

TheDuncan said...

Thank you for all you do. May you and your family have a wonderful holiday season and if we do not get a chance to talk before, have a very " Merry Christmas" and may God bless your family.
Political Dislaimer: The words " Merry Christmas " were in no way to indicate the holiday on December 25th , the birth of Christ or any reflection of the Holy Father. The God indicated is not the same God on our currency or in the Pleadge of Allegiance.
Tax and licennse not included.

Terry said...

Yeah, kinda peculiar for a blog not to have a way to contact its owner. What's up with that?

Dare!PDX said...


Your playing my tune. Awesome post.

The reality is that the left really seeks to divide and segment our society up. They will ensure classism exists (all in the name of fairness of course).

If 1000 Friends have their way it will be almost feudal in nature. Their will be the rich who are allowed to own land they don't work but must be used for farming and the poor who live in dense urban areas. Its pretty clear thats what they are seeking.