Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Not a "holiday" cross

For those of you who didn't listen today, talk show host Lars Larson is going to put up a HUGE cross with "Jesus is the reason for the season" on it. The best part: It is going to be erected at Pioneer Courthouse Square! (No word on whether or not the hacky-sack game or agressive panhandling will be interupted during the construction)

Thank you Lars!

Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus!


Anonymous said...

I like the idea of the cross but unfortunately Lars will be unbearable to listen to for the next 19 days.

The cross is all he'll talk about which I guess is better than hearing about the Larson's sleep #'s zzzzzzzzz

Allen said...

Yes, our thanks to Lars and for 19 days we can enjoy knowing the Cross stands in Pioneer Square.

Tim Lewis said...

Hey, at least he has sponsors...and listeners.

Daniel said...

Make sure you listen every day to see if you're right!

Anonymous said...

I heard Lars announce this. I was hoping that he would have had a nativity scene in the square instead of a cross. Nothing wrong with a cross, but I think it seems a bit confrontational and if it would had been a nativity scene instead there would not be so much (if that is possible) ammunition for his critics.

Besides, a nativity scene seems more in line with the "holiday". Sorry, I couldn't resist that one.

Tony said...

In resonse, Air America is assembling all of their listeners in protest.

They will all be meeting on a manhole cover near the cross.

Daniel said...

Tony, how can both listeners play hacky sack when they are standing on a manhole cover? Oh wait, they'll just smoke pot.

Robin said...

I also heard the announcement on Lars's show and I think the idea of a cross is an excellent one because then there is no way to mistake it for a "holiday" anything.
Christmas is a Christian holiday celebrating the birth of Christ and I cannot think of any better way to get the message out than to display a cross.

Air America and others that are against it, now you know how we feel when we are forced to celebrate other religions while at the same time stifling our own.

Robin said...

oh yes, maybe somebody should remove the manhole cover then maybe they'll all fall in. [Evil grin]

Kaelri said...

Huh. Good idea, actually. (The cross, not the manhole sabotage.)

Anonymous said...

i just wish lars would talk about more things during his show. he gets going on one topic and just runs it into the ground for friggin hours!!!

Tony said...


One solos on Hackey Sack, the other aggressively panhandles for pot money.

The other 2 will be along later - they are taking the streetcar. Ding Ding!

Takes forever to get around without the skytram.

Anonymous said...

can we please shut lars up?? all he does is babble about the same thing....nothing new....jeeeez

Gunslinger said...

can we please shut anonymous up?? all he does is babble about the same thing....nothing new....jeeeez

Anonymous said...

TO ALL: Randy Leonard has gone to far, this isn't an opinion, its so fing offensive, so over the line, he needs to lose the job at KXL for sure.

He and I have had more then a dispute of a big lie he told about an issue,but this ends it.

He needs to resign!

On KXL's Crossfire with Larry George and Randy Leonard.

When caller radio host Lars Larson asked City Commissioner Randy Leonard, on the air, if he would attend the cross raising in Pioneer Courthouse Square, Leonard replied with,

"If you'll be driving a cross through the chest of George Bush I'll be there."

This sound bite should be replayed for people to hear and know the hatred Leonard and others have for Christians and our President both.