Tuesday, November 22, 2005

We support criminals

Organizations Opposed to Local Enforcement of Immigration Laws

The following organizations have expressed opposition to the idea of having state and local police enforce federal immigration laws, outside of limited avenues already available under current law. Their positions may have been manifested in organizational policy directives, statements made to the press, local resolutions, executive orders, or other public forums.

Eugene Police Department
Hillsboro Police Department
Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office
Portland Police Bureau

Oregon Revised Statute 181.850
Attorney General Hardy Myers
Ashland City Council
Gaston City Council
Marion County City Council
Salem City Council

ACLU of Oregon
AFSCME Council 75
AILA Oregon Chapter
Adelante Mujeres
American Immigration Lawyers Association, Oregon Chapter
Asian Pacific American Network of Oregon
Basic Rights Oregon
Benton County Bill of Rights Defense Committee
Better People
Bridge City Preparative Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends
Center for Environmental Equity
Centro Cultural
Centro LatinoAmericano
Commission on Hispanic Affairs
Common Cause Oregon
Community Alliance of Lane County
Coos County Women’s Crisis Service
Domestic Violence Resource Center
Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon
Eugene Human Rights Commission
Haven from Domestic Violence
Human Dignity Coalition
Illinois Valley Safe House Alliance
Japanese American Citizen League, Portland Chapter
Lane County Central Labor Council
Lane County Bill of Rights Defense Committee
Lane County Human Rights Advisory Committee
Lane County Law & Advocacy Center
Latino Network
Latinos Unidos Siempre
Mid-Valley Women’s Crisis Service
Network for Immigrant Justice
Northwest Workers’ Justice Project
Oregon AFL-CIO
Oregon CURE
Oregon NOW
Oregon Action
Oregon Chapter National Association of Social Workers
Oregon Child Development Coalition
Oregon Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence
Oregon Criminal Defense Lawyers Association
Oregon Law Center
Oregon Pacific Green Party
Peace & Justice Works/Portland Copwatch
Pineros y Campesinos Unidos del Noroeste (PCUN)
Portland Bill of Rights Defense Committee
Portland Books to Prisoners
Portland State University Faculty Association
Q: A Queer Resource for Social Change
Rural Organizing Project
SEIU Local 49
SEIU Local 503, OPEU
SEIU Local 503, Latino Caucus
Safe Harbors
Salem/Keizer Coalition for Equality
Sexual Assault Resource Center
Sexual Assault Support Services
Siuslaw Area Women’s Center Board of Directors
Southern Oregon Chapter of the ACLU of Oregon
Springfield Alliance for Equality and Respect
Survivors Advocating for An Effective System
Tillamook County Citizens for Human Dignity
VOZ Workers’ Rights Education Project
Wasco County Citizens for Human Dignity
Western Prison Project
Western States Center

Good old Oregon. We love illegal alien dreamers.


Diesel said...

To an extent, I can almost agree with the local police departments being on this list. Don't we have INS to do that? Isn't it their job to take care of immigration violations and violators? If we have 15 agencis all trying to do the same job, isn't that a lot of waste of taxpayers $$$?

Oh, my bad, I forgot that that is exactly how the Feds operate anyway.

Anonymous said...

Its typical for local agencies to not want to be proactive. If they look in the same direction as the feds they will become liable and take on more work. If they look in a different direction than the feds, then they can't be held liable for anything. But sometimes the feds look in the direction of the local LE AOR's. (example: Derrick Foxworth and his Portland police force). The two big brothers (local and federal) will not work together on illegals. The feds want as many people in this country as possible. Its designed to destabilize us, so they will have to step in and take care of us. We have to take this situation into our own hands now. Waiting to change laws will not work. We have to stop it right now. Showing up and relying on the feds to bust someone at the Matricular Round Ups will not work. The feds will never perform this duty. We have to do this ourselves. Once the people take on immigration as a serious matter, the feds will move in to quell any problems. They will just remove them

Anonymous said...

You have to find a hungry ICE agent. Feed him the information on where the illeagals work, live, shop and play on a constant basis. This way he will be more inclined to do his job when the heat comes down from his supervisors telling him to stop what he is doing.

Anonymous said...

How did they resolve the issue? Did you have to call them or email them?
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Anonymous said...

THE PEOPLE WILL take on Illegal Immigration in Woodburn on Dec. 3rd
We have to show them we are willing to STAND TOGETHER

peod in Oregon said...

At this point I don't expect these agencies to solve the illegal problem, but I would be happy if they stop aiding them. How can my union help illegals that want to take my job? Oh wait, problably because it's the same union that wants me to vote for a party that wants to give what money I have to someone who won't work.
Don't worry-be happy.

Tony said...

I found these two particularly ironic:

Sexual Assault Resource Center
Sexual Assault Support Services

Until I realized that it is simply in the name of job security.