Monday, November 07, 2005

Move along, nothing to see here

As France Burns, Immigration Rears Its Ugly Head
At first the riots were ignored, then portrayed as typical French-style protest, then as understandable acts of anger by an underclass made desperate by poverty, and finally they are being reluctantly described for what they are: race riots.

Obviously, the spontaneous army of Muslim “youths” burning Peugeots and nursery schools in France has not been properly assimilated, it is reported. Following this astute observation, it is usually added that France does not have America’s long history of successfully assimilating immigrants and that the French government needs to do something about that. Preferably, it should do something teary-eyed, big-hearted and expensive—like build the vandals newer housing projects, expand the already gargantuan French welfare state and celebrate Ramadan with a culturally sensitive postage stamp.

We can either learn from the devastation in France or we can close our eyes and wait for it to happen hear when the MECHA crowd decides it's their turn.


Anonymous said...

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Allen said...

Our law enforcement people are often being stretched to their limits and soon the gang fighters will realize their advantage and then our will race riots begin.

I suspect if those who recently beat and injured the Hubbard Police officer had been jailed for the crimes or injured in the fight, it may well have started then and there.

What other reason kept Police from arresting and hauling them away to jail, on the spot, if it not for their fear it may spark a larger violent event, that where the Police would have been outnumbered many times over and by people with weapons they have no fear of using.

It was a good defensive move at the time and that of . . . retreat.

Anonymous said...

Laredo texas, the Police are outgunned and outmanned, Tijuana Shoulder fired Missiles discovered.
Minuteman Rally in CA. 500 show up throwing things and screaming @ Americans for wanting a secure border. MECHA in every School Nationwide. Bi-Lingual being taught in every School. Newspaper report on crime but not on fact that perp was illegally here, a preventable crime. 5 yr. old kids bussed to another part of Town because School is for Hispanic's only. It IS happening here!
They are NOT assimilating and our Government is NOT helping them to become Americans.

Mike McConnell said...

Here comes the terrorist French Fries.