Friday, November 25, 2005

New Ann Coulter column

New Idea for Abortion Party: Aid the Enemy
Saddam is on trial. His psychopath sons are dead. We've captured or killed scores of foreign terrorists in Baghdad. Rape rooms and torture chambers are back in R. Kelly's Miami Beach mansion where they belong.

The Democrats are giving aid and comfort to the enemy for no purpose other than giving aid and comfort to the enemy. There is no plausible explanation for the Democrats' behavior other than that they long to see U.S. troops shot, humiliated, and driven from the field of battle.

Saying it like it is.


Kaelri said...

It's so true. We love Osama bin Laden. We just love him - nice guy, good with kids, killed three thousand people in cold blood, but hey, we did thirty thousand so I guess we're all birds of a feather. I mean, we are such a loyal ally of his that we voted 518-1 to annihilate him in a torrent of B-52-borne fire! Can't give much more "aid and comfort" than that.

Daniel said...

Maybe you missed Patty Murray D-WA saying to a bunch of school kids that Osama has been "building day cares" and "building infrastructure" and "we haven't been doing that."

She couldn't say enough wonderful things about him.

Kaelri said...

And she voted "yea" just like everyone else.

Any link to that speech, by the way?