Thursday, November 17, 2005

These boots were made for walking... all over the American flag

These shoes were made for migrants to U.S.
The high-top sneakers cost $215 at a San Diego boutique, but the designer is giving them away to migrants before they cross to this side of the U.S.-Mexico border.

These are no ordinary shoes.

A compass and flashlight dangle from one shoelace. The pocket in the tongue is for money or pain relievers. A rough map of the border region is printed on a removable insole.

Immigrants to be are happy to have the sturdy, lightweight shoes for the hike — or dash — into the United States.

HAT TIP: Rick Hickey, VP of OFIR

The shoe designer should be declared an enemy of America, the company who manufactures the shoes should not be allowed to import/export anything from this country, and the company who distributes or retails these should be boycotted. This is absolutely disgusting.


Gunslinger said...

Daniel, if you have time, you should see if you can find out who the sponsors were that put up the 40K.

This is disgusting. Did you take the poll? When I took it, 84% were saying that she is engouraging illegal immigration.

Daniel said...

I did take the poll and that is worth mentioning. Everyone should click the survey in the middle of the article.

Jason the Outspoken said...

I learned about this on the news on Univision. The designer is an Argentine lady. (If I remember corretly, she now lives in NY.) I'm honestly not sure what her purpose is - is it to make a statement, or just to make money off people before they die in the desert? My guess is that it is both. Obviously, you can put a map and flashlight in your pocket - so why buy $200 shoes - especially if you're poor and looking for work in the US? The whole thing is incongruent.