Friday, November 04, 2005

School segregation: Back with a vengence

Latino Academy
ACADEMIA LATINA is a one-week summer academic residential program for Latino youth in southern Oregon completing grades 7 through 9. The program immerses Latino students in a university setting, exposing them to the learning and career possibilities of college. This program provides an integrated experience with classes, field trips, cultural experiences and recreational activities. Sixty students attended Academia Latina 2005.

Who Can Apply?
All Latino students are invited to apply.

Sponsored In Part By: ($598)
Southern Oregon University (aka you)

Southern Oregon Educational Service District (aka taxpayers in the SOE ESD)

So a school that only Latino students can apply to and it's funded by taxpayer dollars. Please, someone help me out, isn't this illegal?

Can college proffessors stop lecturing about "white privilege" and teach classes bemoaning our societies "brown privilege" please?

This is just one more example of the over-the-top diversity nonsense that has taken over our society and made us less of an America.

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Anonymous said...

So the "Race" is alive an well.

Close the!