Thursday, November 03, 2005

How to riot good, like dude, we is smart, jail good

The "world can't wait" riots across America (see below post as well) had some great attendees. These are the best and brightest that our public school systems could possibly turn out.

Some excerpts from the geniuses:

This is the demo, in a nutshell, as I saw it. First, I'm fairly new to this town, this was my second march - the first one being against the Primate torturers meeting at OHS a while back. Everyone met in Pioneer Square at noon and some peeps talked. Then we took to the streets, er, sidewalk. This is extremely fucked for me. There were two or three hundred people (but I'm not good with numbers) all having to stop at the red lights, on the sidewalks. This was not a permitted march.

This caused the march to be segrigated...

So I'm pretty dumbfounded as to why the police have so much power in this town. Portland is such a "lefty" place. I was expecting a LOT of people at this Nation Wide Demo. Everyone here is a bike riding vegan artist - where WERE those people today?

Yes, where were they?

Another fine scholar:

It was actually such a pathetic attempt at arrest that it likely doesn't count. An officer standing along the curb pointed at a kid in the crowd and said, "You. You're under arrest." Then he made this silly motion with his hand and said, "C'mon." The kid declined to go with him, and the situation resolved without incident.)

I know of a lot of arrests that "likely [don't] count," especially ones that involve the extra crime of resisting arrest. Oh wait, no I don't.

Second, as was first pointed out to me by a comrade, people seem to have overcome their aversion to unarrests. There were some very valiant and successful efforts in this regard. And finally, I was heartened to see so many people head for the jail after the main march, in solidarity with those who were arrested.

Clearly these marchers represent the average American... the one who doesn't care about being arrested or committing crimes.

Someone inexplicably suggested that everyone head over to David Woo's office. ?? A brief and lively debate ensued,in which some people pleaded with the crowd to make some sort of statement by going over to Mr. Woo's office to demand, I'm not quite sure what, while other people insisted on staying at the jail out of solidarity with those who were arrested.

Clearly these people are involved in our representative democracy. Oh wait, the representatives name is David Wu.

This future CEO wrote:
I organized a walk out in my school which basically included everyone there. My school has about 50 people in it and we are extremely close to pioneer square so it all worked out.

All of a sudden the cops started ticketing kids left and right. This upset the crowd extremely and made even the most conservative people there scream "FUCK THE PIGS!"

By "conservative" he means "to the right of Barbara Streisand."

Comrades informed me that I was a hot subject for the police. They were planning on arresting me for whatever reason they could find.

A self-important kid who just needs some loving parents... and I keep seeing the word "comrade" in these tirades.

These are just too funny! I won't keep putting out excerpts. You have to read the whole things for yourself!

Firsthand accounts of November 2 events in Portland

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