Wednesday, November 02, 2005

More important than actual learning

Critics Slam Univ. of Oregon Diversity Effort
EUGENE, Ore. — In an effort to promote diversity at the University of Oregon (search), a plan has been developed that would hire, fire and promote professors not just on the quality of their teaching and research, but on their so-called “cultural competency."

Critics also worry about the cost. The plan calls for 800 diversity-building scholarships and dozens of new staff positions in order to add degree programs in fields like “queer studies” and “disabled studies.”

Our institutions of "higher" learning are getting quite a reputation for being hotbeds of social promotion and outright racism.

They spend a lot of time complaining about being "underfunded" but I'm not sure that I'm comfortable with giving more money to racist organizations.

More info:
OUS Diversity Report 2005


JonathanDavis said...
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JonathanDavis said...

Sorry, I deleted that comment on accident. I go to UofO and it makes me so mad that someone with a different color skin can get a benefit from a puiblic institution just because of that fact. What a crock.

Robin said...

I agree. I sat in on a social science class and the instructor kept bragging that he was a Marxist and because of such information, he kept getting moved into smaller offices further away from everybody else while at the same time complaining about white privilege.

I get so tired of hearing about this white privilege thing.

And I think the reason why he kept getting moved, is because he dresses like a bum and he smells.

the local colleges and universities have forgotten that the students are their clients (customers)and they are being PAID to provide a service, and should start treating it like a job.

Sailor Republica said...

And what about the "queer studies" program they want to put forth?



JonathanDavis said...

Not only should they treat it like a job but they should treat it fairly as well. Students should be selected on merit, on talent, not on race. Affirmative action is just plain unfair. So you took Chuck's sociology class robin? I especially like that he brags about his FBI file because he dodged the draft and fled to Canada. I am sure glad that our public institution hires people like that!! GREAT!

Whiteblackbear said...

What the heck is cultural compentency? Does this mean you are a person of color or gay or just that you must be a flaming liberal. I consider myself very competent at what I do but as a white person what do I know?

CapitalistPig said...

I think you nailed it whiteblackbear. A "Cultural Compency Requirement", is basically just a requirement that professors be liberals. It's a scheme to prevent conservatives from qualifying for professor positions.

Daniel said...

Cultural Competency is all the rage these days. It's been defined by several groups (all government groups oddly enough) and is really just a tool for the thought police to use against people they disagree with.

Don't think affirmative action is good public policy? Liberals don't want to debate the issue, they will fire you/demote you for not being culturally competent.

Disagree with gay marriage? Liberals don't have to listen to the reasons why, it all explained by the fact that you aren't culturally competent. (and you will be punished)

And so on...