Monday, November 21, 2005

College proffessor arrested

Nonviolent Iraq War protesters arrested on University campus
Seven people, including a former University professor, were arrested on campus Friday at the Military Science building after blocking the building’s entrances and holding a sit-in to protest the Iraq War as part of a national day of non-violent civil disobedience.

"Civil disobediance" is just a fancy way that hippies say "breaking the law."

The honorable protestors:
Stevens said he did not volunteer to be arrested because he’s a single parent but said he would be willing to in the future if the proper “support systems” were in place.

I feel sorry for your child. Not just because you are a single parent, which will screw the kid up, but because you are obviously an idiot.

Cohen stood in handcuffs for almost two hours while waiting for the EPD to pick her up and gave interviews to the many members of the press who were present.

I feel sorry for this guy because he probably felt a huge sense of self-importance because of the media's over-eager attitude to quote any idiot who opposes the war. Sadly, that self-importance won't follow you into the real world.

In a statement released by Mary Stanik, a University spokeswoman, she wrote that the University “wholeheartedly welcomes the exercise by its students, staff and faculty of the right of free speech and the right to demonstrate” so long as it “does not interfere with the rights of others.”

By "does not interfere with the rights of others" she means that if liberals are offended then it's not free speech.


Anonymous said...

HIppies? Do people still use that term?

Gunslinger said...

Daniel is a person, he used that term. therefore, people still use that term. Numbnuts.

MAX Redline said...

I think he meant "idiot". Stevens is case in point.

Daniel said...

I appreciate you stating the obvious gunslinger! (and for validating my personhood)

Gunslinger said...

Anytime, my friend.