Sunday, November 27, 2005

Because they're probably "pro-choice"

Rapper 50 Cent lyrics for the song "Surrounded By Hoes".

Rapper Snoop Dogg lyrics for the song "Break A Bitch Til I Die".

Christian James Dobson's website: Focus on the family.

Number of hits a Google search of the National Organization for Women website return on:

50 Cent: 0

Snoop Dogg: 0

James Dobson: 17 (all hit pieces)

Now why is the guy who promotes chivalry (for those of you currently in high school that's courtesty towards women, opening doors and such) get beat up by a group like NOW when the guy who raps about "Break a bitch till the day I die" doesn't get a mention?

If that wasn't enough good old Snoopy gets invited to champion for liberal causes like stopping the execution of a gang member convicted of murder. (Judging by Snoopy's lyrics, it seems that maybe he would rather "cap his ass" himself)


Kaelri said...

You know exactly why they don't get a mention: because everyone already knows gangsta rappers are ignorant amoral bricks in the wall. No point wasting time and bandwidth on something that's a) universally accepted and b) true.

Tony said...

and c) accepted as a legitimate art form by liberals.

Kaelri said...

Yes, the expression of one's status as an ignorant amoral brick in the wall is, in fact, a legitimate art form.

Daniel said...

It always makes me laugh when our state's largest paper, The Oregonian, does a review of a rap album. They always talk about it in such glowing terms.