Tuesday, November 29, 2005

What's wrong with the Red Guard?

From Oregon News:
Oregon Newspaper Publishes Hate-Bush Torture Editorial Twenty Days Running
Eugene's stridently Bush-hating Register-Guard newspaper continues its vicious editorial attacks on the President of the United States and on American covert and military personnel who are engaged in the war on terror. That newspaper is losing readership, which may be the result of its editorial policies.

The Register-Guard seemingly forgot, some time ago, that the United States of America, under President Bush, is the "good guy" in a terror filled world of "bad guys".

A good critique of the Red-Guard Fishwrapper and you can comment at the bottom.


Robin said...

I started blogging because of the RG. I got tired that the only way that you could get something printedin their editorial was to either talk about left-handed golfers with acne or mention that everybody was a sinner and should repent.

the register guard like a lot of papers are a joke and in Eugene, we see it for what it is. There's no such thing as the investigative reporter anymore or news media that is really more concerned about reporting the news than who's it's feet that they're going step on.

Anonymous said...

I am not from Oregon, but I have been here for awhile. I don't like Eugene. When I am driving on the I-5 south, I never stop in Eugene. When my employer asks me to go cover something in Eugene, I politely refuse. I won't set foot in that town. Springfield? I'll do it if I need to stop, otherwise, I skip the whole area. Eugene is off the chart leftist. Portland is as well, but at least there is some rationality in Washington and Clark counties.