Thursday, November 24, 2005

But what kind of trees?

If you listened to John Gibson (fill in for Tony Snow) yesterday then you heard that there are several groups (such as Liberty Counsel) who have lawyers standing by to defend Christmas.

The American Family Association also has a petition to sign to the list of retailers who have chosen not to use the word "Christmas."

Yes, it seems that the Grinch's problem is not that his heart is three sizes too small but that he is a card carrying member of the ACLU.

I intend to chronicle as many anti-Christmas (read: anti-Christian) examples as I possibly can.

One that was sent to me by a friend is from Providence Health Systems. They are having a "festival of trees" rather than a Christmas party. It's not explained if these are palm trees, maple trees, some sort of fir trees, or what the significance of the tree is. Maybe it's, GASP, Christmas but heaven forbid that Providence say that out loud.

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