Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Liberals: Scared to reveal their feelings to the public

As you saw on my previous post there is a huge list of Oregon organizations that oppose local law enforcement being able to enforce our immigration laws. That is, if an illegal alien comes up to a police officer and says "I broke your immigration laws and I'm here illegaly" the officer can't do a thing.

But as usual, some of the people who support criminals don't want their views to be brought to public attention. Case in point:

Human Rights Commission

McNutt Room – Eugene City Hall, 777 Pearl Street

Ms. Martinez-Wenzl reminded the commission that she had provided information about the CLEAR Act at the last commission meeting. She said that she was requesting that the HRC go on record opposing the CLEAR Act. She explained that the acronym stood for Clear Law Enforcement for Alien Removal. She said that the act would undo all of the work done last year to preserve Oregon’s 181 Laws, specifically Oregon Revised Statute 181.50, which prohibited police from enforcing federal immigration law when there was not evidence of some kind of other criminal activity.

Mr. Kelly asked Ms. Martinez-Wenzl where the information about who opposed the legislation would be publicized. Ms. Martinez-Wenzl said that there was a statewide effort to campaign against the legislation and that the American Civil Liberties Union was organizing that effort. She said that the information about who opposed the legislation would go on record with the National Immigration Forums list of organizations, cities, etc. opposing the act.

Mr. Kelly, seconded by Mr. Souers, moved that the HRC recommend to the IGR Committee that the City of Eugene oppose the CLEAR Act. The motion passed unanimously, 11:0.

So, Eugene City Councilor David Kelly was worried about where his treasonous acts might be published. After getting reasurred that he would have sufficient cover he went ahead with his vote to help criminals operate in our state more freely.

Well Mr. Kelly, you sorry excuse for a public servant, your traitorous deeds are now published here, along with your email adress: david.s.kelly@ci.eugene.or.us

I hope that you all take a moment to give Mr. Kelly a piece of your mind. And you Eugene residents, perhaps you could organize some sort of publicity stunt to shame Mr. Kelly.


Tired Immigrant said...

My neighbour uses drugs. Some of what he does is illegal. Should I report his illegal behavior to the cops?

People will support others who break a particular law if they think the law is unjust. That undermines the rule of law. The solution is to make the laws just.

It is quite simple, really.

Daniel said...

You should absolutely report your neighbor to the cops. You want to live next to a drug addict?

If you think a law is unjust then you work to change it, you don't ignore it or violate it.

A city council shouldn't encourage some law enforcement to ignore criminals.

Robin said...

Daniel, on the surface that sounds great, unfortunately reality, is totally different.
I had a neighbor just to the right of my house that was dealing drugs. Usual signs, people coming and going all day and night, cars being parted out in their backyard, the usual textbook sign of a drug house.
Police were called on a regular basis by neighborhood watch and neighborhood watch people were constantly threatened and tried to be ran over.

nothing was ever done.the landlord was constantly notified and he thought that they were excellent tenants until he decided to put the house up for sale and discovered the holes that were created in the walls and floors as hiding places for their drugs.

Where was law enforcement?

Gullyborg said...

> Where was law enforcement?

Probably cherry picking traffic offenders down Main Street.

Gullyborg said...

also, the good news is that David Kelly has said he might not seek re-election this time around! Unfortunately, he represents a city district that is about 95% hippie moonbat, so his replacement probably won't be any better.

Jim in KFalls said...

I too lived(live) in a neighborhood that had 3 homes where drug use was prevalent. We started a Neighborhood Watch and initially received poor service from our local authorities.

After filing lawsuits with the Landlord of 2 of the homes, contacting the State Police Drug Enforcement unit, the State Environmental division, filing notices with the county and local sheriff's office we were able to quell the problem.

The landlord eventually replaced his tenants with people who don't seem to be into drug use, the people at the third house were arrested and convicted and have since moved somewhere else. Further, once the local authorities found out we were serious, they helped in our effort.

For you to say "Reality is totally different" I would respond, your situtation appears different and requires more dilligence. Be creative, take the fight to them and do not be intimidated. I understand that you may meet more resistance from your Local Authorities than we did (I'm assuming you live in the Portland area) but if enough pressure is applied on them to do their job then they will.

Good Luck!

Jim in KFalls said...

I don't want my tax dollars to pay for your neighbor who uses drugs, when your neighbor ends up in the hospital for overdose or any other complications/effects brought on by drug use.

Weather you condone a person using drugs or not, I would rather have my taxes pay for the education of children or infrastructure that will help my family and all other Law Abiding citizens.

If you feel his use of recreational drugs is perfectly okay and the law is wrong, then perhaps you should flip the bill for the costs he is going to inflict upon the rest of society.

There is a reason the law is there, and like Daniel said, if you don't think it is just, then work to change it and convince the rest of us that recreational drug use should be allowed, or move someplace where drug use is tollerated. Until then you knowingly allowing it happen turns you into a criminal for aiding in his criminal activity.

Tony said...

First, if you have a drug house in your neighborhood, one match can solve a world of problems. Just remember to burn safely.

Second, if you liek this story of illegal alien complicity, you will love this one:


Anonymous said...

Oh, and regarding someone attempting to run you down in the street, that is attempted murder. You are entitled to defend yourself with deadly force. Do it. There's nothing like a dead druggy behind the wheel of his ratmobile to serve as a sterling example of justice.

Robin said...

all are very good points.
is very frustrating when the authorities are well aware of the presentsof a drug house, get numerous complaints from the neighbors and neighborhood watch and refused to do anything while the neighbors put themselves at risk.

I understand that resources are limited, and that law enforcement "cherry picks" but what is the root purpose of law enforcement? It is to enforce the law, not to be revenue enhancers.

I wonder if it is possible for police agencies to lose their charter if the public deems them to not be performing their primary function?

Either way, the public should not have to threaten litigation to force any agency to do their job that were paying for.

Dare!PDX said...

I saw a street a few days ago that had an issue with a drug house in a swankier neigborhood in Portland.

The funny thing is the neighbors (there had to be at least three) put up several signs facing the drug affected house on their houses. I remember one the signs said "You know we are filming your car and license plate - Have a nice day."

I thought that had to have a cooling affect just a little on a dealers business.

Daniel said...

Dare!PDX has it right. If a neighborhood wants drug addicts out (and they should) then they can make it happen.

I would not allow a drug house to operate near my family.

Anonymous said...

We have a hispanic all night auto service at one house next to Elmers on Gaarde rd, in Tigard. The Tigard pd, (when actually patrolling)passes right on by. If they stop, they know they have to do something about it. The area is not zoned for commercial. Today, there are 10 cars out front and several in back. Last week there was a school bus sticking out of the garage. This does wonders for property values.