Friday, November 04, 2005

They are persistant

I got my second call today from The Oregonian (at 7:00pm) just now, they have offered me everthing but a free massage to get me to subsribe again. Each time I have admantly insisted that it wasn't an issue with price or service, but content of the paper. Specifically illegal immigration.

Each time they call I insist that they mark that down as the reason for cancellation. I hope that any of you who cancel, or have cancelled and receive phone calls, tell them the same thing.


Allen said...

I have fun telling them how we use the web for all our news and shopping info and can't see any reason for them to waste trees in delivering what we can enjoy with burning only a few electrons.

They know the web is killing them and I enjoy rubbing salt into their wounds.

I also suspect them hearing that message from what they assume is an environmentalist is especially painful.

Yes I am cold, but they are deceitful.

Daniel said...

That's funny! You should tell them stories about how little fluffy bunnies don't have homes any more because they cut down all the trees to make their corporate capitolist paper.