Thursday, November 03, 2005

Great column two-fer: Ann and Mac

Alito Nominated -- Democrats Hide from Base
There is no question about Alito's qualifications. Democrats can only oppose him for his record, which will alarm a narrow segment of lunatics commonly known as "the Democratic Party base."

So confident are the Democrats about the popularity of their stance on abortion that the day after Alito's nomination, Senate Democrats shut down the Senate so they wouldn't be forced to talk about Alito.

When Will CIA Leave Al Qaeda Alone and Get Back To Hunting the President?
Let’s put Valerie Plame in charge of the CIA’s secret Al Qaeda prisons. That way, when someone leaks the secret, the media will have to pretend to care about secrecy again, instead of splashing the story across the front page, complete with private spy satellite photos of one prison’s layout.

Compare this “leak” tragedy to the covert prison “exposé.” In the prison story, rogue agents of the CIA have apparently been diverting resources from the high-priority battle against George Bush to conduct some sort of private war against someone named “Osama bin Laden,” who isn’t even a Republican.

And what about the unknown government official that leaked the CIA prison story? Why, he’s the biggest hero since Deep Throat, or Patrick Fitzgerald. Because leaking to the media is good, or bad. And it deserves to be prosecuted, or not.

It's a great day when you get a new Ann Coulter column and a new Mac Johnson column! A good day indeed...

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