Thursday, November 17, 2005

Worth a thousand words...

[America's] Oregon's Next [Top Model] Governor
Sure, it's more than six months till the May primary. But already the race to be Oregon's next governor is filled with more primping, posturing and come-hither winks than Tyra Banks and friends will produce in a whole season of America's Next Top Model.

The election analysis by Willamette Week is interesting but the real attraction is the picture of a model with Teddy Kulongoski's head super-imposed on it.


Gullyborg said...

well, if Willamette Week is giving little attention to Atkinson, things are looking good.

Sailor Republica said...

Though Nigel is a pretty good journalist (all things considered).

I mean, the guy exposed (Surreal Neil) Golds(c)h(m)i(d)t for all he was worth. Now he's impotent.

Anonymous said...

They are Pimping not Primping and to correct the typo, its Fulongoski.

Dare!PDX said...

Don't get to excited about WW paying attention. They really like to point out how "Statesmen-like" a Republican is when he can be used as a tool to criticize conservative thought.

Atkinson isn't that guy but that doesn't mean they can't pump him up that way.

As for Nigel - he had a career before journalism that places him in the real world.

I have a few friends who are professional journalists. First they start off wanting the Rolling Stone route and eventual settle into the honor of muck-raking routine. The day to day monotony of reporting on issues they never cared about takes its toll.

Anonymous said...

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