Saturday, November 12, 2005

Parasites adapt to waste more tax dollars

(day 3 of not having my main computer)

Indigenous languages replace Spanish in Oregon fields
by Gabriel "Daniel waves papers like a madman" Rico

Just as the Oregon employment department was feeling confident that it offered enough Spanish-speaking farmworker liaisons, everything changed.

In the Willamette Valley fields, a growing number of migrant workers arrive speaking Mixteco, Triqui and Zapoteco, indigenous languages from Oaxaca.

"Pretty soon, you won't need me in this job," said Daniel QuiƱones, a Spanish-speaking farmworkers representative with the Oregon Employment Department.

I hope that they fire Daniel QuiƱones tommorow. I really do. But why is this article written as a human interest story rather than a crime story? Does Miss Rico and the Statesmen Urinal think that these people are coming here legally? They're not.

These are parasites as evidenced by this corresponding story:
Money sent from U.S. can be a boon or a bane
Dollars earned in Salem could be a key to Oaxaca's future stability or its undoing.

Last year, immigrants in Oregon sent home $218 million, mostly to Mexico, according to a remittance study by the Inter-American Development Bank.

Remittances are Mexico's second-largest source of income -- after petroleum -- and have drawn great attention from the government.

How really nice for Mexico. Meanwhile they refuse to help us in the war on terror, refuse to extradite murderers to face justice, put tariffs on our products we export to them, refuse to really clamp down on the drugs smuggling, and refuse to stop encouraging illlegal immigration.

That was $218 million that could have stayed in our local economy.

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Tony said...

Taxing remittances at 50% - there is a tax I could support!