Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tell them: No rewards for criminals

Tell Pres. Bush you oppose his guestworker proposal, even with border security improvements
If you really want to get tough on illegal immigration, you must drop your support of a guestworker program.

NumbersUSA has a new fax to send to President Bush about his guest criminal program. (I don't have people with warrants out for their arrest as guests over at my house, do you?)

Send the fax, it's free and takes a few seconds.


Allen said...

Did I hear President Bush say his guest worker idea is to allow "Farm Workers?"

Perhaps that is where they come up with the 11 million number as I was wondering what he proposes for the 25 million Criminal Illegal Aliens who don't work on farms.

I do like Miami's new ID check idea.

Anonymous said...

FAX sent, what a great service, free too, they say they are now sending over 150,000 faxes a week.
The flood of faxes has got to get the attention of these public servants.

Daniel said...

The farmers are going to have to adapt. They'll manage, they just have to learn English...

Make sure you check out their whole "action buffet." They have faxes that target different bills and different elected officials.

You can send 10 faxes in a few minutes and they will stagger them over the next few days so your name doesn't come across all those times in the same day.