Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Please make it stop

UN: We Are the World (Wide Web)
Get ready, world: The folks who brought you the oil-for-food program are about to vote themselves control of the Internet.

This drama unfolds starting November 16, as 10,000 people from 70 countries are expected to pour into Tunis, Tunisia, for the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS), which is organized by the ITU, a UN agency. There, countries like Russia, China and Iran will insist that the United States surrender control of the Domain Name System. An international network, they will argue, deserves international control.

I'm having one of those "Michael Savage days" where I'm just not sure if I can take it anymore. I know what I would do if the government came to take my house to give it to someone else, (defend it with my life) or if a teacher gave a sex survey to my kids (pull them out of school and make it my life's mission to get the teacher fired, school board fired, superintendent fired...) but what can I do if the UN gets the internet?

The whole reason the internet works so well is that no government body is involved. Why doesn't Bush throw the UN out of this country?

The only bioethical issue that I am willing to support is something, anything, to bring Senator McCarthy back to life so that he can rally true Americans to fight against the subversive forces within our own borders.


james of salem said...

Hey, let's hope the UN doesn't try to deal directly with Al Gore & cut the US out of the decision making process entirely.

Scott said...

There is a amasing amount of talant here in the states. We made it the frist time we can do it again , plus we control the root servers .
What would the UN do then?

Scott said...

If we unpluged them.

Daniel said...

The great thing about the internet is that there really is no central control. The United States doesn't really run anything, the Domain Name System is actually a private organization. I just hope it stays that way.

Tim said...

Sadly, the UN's ultimately after one thing: To be large and in charge of the world. They can't get there as long as America is a free and sovereign nation. Let's see, the UN wants to dictate "Enviromental" policy to the US, take our guns, take our land, control over the internet...take our freedom. Kick the commie bastards out on their collective asses.

Robin said...

what does the UN have to do with the internet anyways?
But since US doesn't have the "balls" anymore to take care of take care of its own people, they will probably give that away as well.

Technically, nobody controls the Internet except for some group called
W3C consortium. (Web pages are supposed to be formatted to the W3c standards. Don't ask me why)

also from the article here is a good point...

"The UN has proposed taxing the Internet before (a scheme to tax email failed), and Annan believes this opportunity is worth fighting for."

It's all about money and control