Saturday, November 05, 2005

Oregon Trail Schools: We need more money for babysitters

Little Steps to School Success 2005-2006
Your neighborhood school is offering a program called “Little Steps to School Success” for you and your three and four year old children.

Each family that attends will receive their very own copy of the evening’s storybook as well as a packet of activities to do together at home.

Now Hiring...

Little Steps Babysitters!
Job Statement: Will provide childcare for siblings for Little Steps nights.

Openings at 5 different schools!

In a perfect world all children would have free books and free day care and possibly a white pony. But we live in the real world of teacher strikes, taxes, and a government that multiplies faster than rabbits.

Is there any thought to cutting out the frivolous programs before claiming poverty? Any thought to providing our kids with a basic education rather than free books and day care?

I wish that Republicans everywhere would stand up and shout that we are the party of education! We support our children being taught reading, writing, math, science, language arts and social studies. We want an education for our kids.

It should be pointed out that democrats want schools for your kids, not an education. They want free books, nutrition programs, day care programs, transgender studies, free breakfast, counseling and kids to take to the capitol steps to use as political props.

Which position is more supported by the general public? Why have we let the media, the teachers, the unions and the democrat party define the argument about "support for schools?"

It's time the argument was framed around "support for education" instead of the schools. Clearly the democrats would lose that debate.


Anonymous said...

So why not baby sitting (day care) in the schools?

We can send the girl's basketball team from one community college in some from far flung corner of Oregon to another far flung part of Oregon on a weekend trip and pick up the tab for the transportation, housing, food and coaches.

And, bus 4th graders from across town several times a week so they can enjoy Orchestra practice.

Nope, I didn't say band or recorder practice for that matter.

Daniel said...

And ponies. I want all the girls to be able to ride ponies.

Gunslinger said...

don't forget ponies for all the gay little boys. And helmets of shame for all the straight white boys.

jwalker said...

You guys are so funny. Do we know exactly where the funding for this program originated? It could be a specific grant, head start funds (my guess) etc. I will be it didn't come out of the regular budget.

I am going to say something that will probably piss off everyone, but it is from my heart.

I think there is enough wrong in the schools to make the point about waste, bad teaching, secular tendencies, etc without blowing something like this out of proportion. Especially if the money didn't come from the regular budget. This type of hyperbole is what gives the republicans the reputation of being too simplistic and not logical from the eggheads.

But you guys really are very funny. The pony thing really cracks me up.

gus miller said...

Per the first link above (In part):

"Little Steps to School Success 2005-2006

Do you or someone you know have a three or four year old?
Do you wonder how you can help your child get ready for school?
Would you like to receive a free children’s book each meeting?
Are you interested in meeting other parents? Are you looking for a preschool experience for your child? How much will all this cost? It’s FREE!

Your neighborhood school is offering a program called “Little Steps to School Success” for you and your three and four year old children. Your child will receive a personalized letter inviting him or her to a special evening of stories and activities at the school, *four times during the school year.*

This time is a special time for you and your preschooler only. You must accompany your preschooler so there will be childcare available for any brothers or sisters."

IMHO the best years for brain development and learning for children are between age 3 and 9.

I favor this type of program particularly for children who would not otherwise be exposed to stories and books prior to Kindergarten.

The more equally prepared kids are entering kindergarten, the better the results the public K-13 system will provide for all kids.

Tim Lewis said...

So are the parents taking their kids to something like this who don't have books readily available the same ones that would take their kids to the taxpayer funded library (which I might add is also free) to have books that are readily available? Stories and books are readily available already. Spending more money isn't going to convince deadbeat parents to help with children's education any more than it is likely to get the teachers to care more about the students.

peod in Oregon said...

Dear JWalker, I believe it's hard to blow the money wasted in government and schools specifically, out of proportion. As far as programs being funded by other funds, where does that money come from, the tooth fairy? As far as head start is concerned, in an article in the local Red Guard on Sept. 25th. celebrating their 40th anniversary they reported last year they served 789 children and families with a budget of 7.9 Million dollars. By my math thats over 10 grand per family. I realize that the bulk of the money comes from the federal gov. it's still our money.

TheDuncan said...

Parrish middle school in Salem now offers both a free breakfast for all children in the school , but they have now added free lunch. Administators have told me that becuase there are so many children that meet the requirements that they no longer ask who is qualified to accept the program. Everyone gets free food no questions. They do not want to embarrass the kids by asking who is and who is not qualified to get the program. We now home school our child. I could send him to school for free meals, but I grew up in an America that taught personal responsibilty.