Sunday, November 20, 2005

Shoot them dead

Just got back from a scout camping trip. We went up to Camas WA to a little lake. While I don't come right out and say that I'm a radical right-winger (though I would if someone asked or it was an appropriate time) I make thoughtful and persuasive arguments on all political issues when they come up in these group settings.

Whether it's a sales tax (Others: I'll support it if they will reduce another tax) or open primaries (Others: It seems fair, I vote my concience) I find that I am able to simply shut the conversation down with Lars Larson style logic.

Just a reminder that no everyone listens to Lars everyday and re-reads Ann Coulter books like they are a bible. You have to tailor your conservative message to people who aren't as involved as you may be.

Anyways, I come home to two very interesting stories. First, my wife says that she turned on Sesame Street this morning (Sunday) and found that it was all Spanish. That's our tax dollars at work. Nice.

Second I got an email from Rick (VP of OFIR) with the subject of "WAR w/Mexico started today"

Now I believe that war with Mexico started quite a while ago (if I was in charge then we would at least treat Mexico the way we treat Cuba and possibly assasinate Vicente Fox) but this story from WND is nuts.

Armed standoffon Rio Grande
U.S. Border Patrol agents were backed down this week by armed men, dressed in what appeared to be Mexican military uniforms and carrying military weapons, who seized a captured dump truck filled with marijuana from the U.S. agents and dragged it across the border into Mexico with a bulldozer.

"It's a very serious incident," Doyal said. "We are very fortunate ... no one got hurt. Everyone had the presence of mind not to cause an international incident, or start shooting."

We are like a rape victim who doesn't want to cause an incident by reporting the crime. This just means that the criminal is able to commit another crime another day.

It's no suprise that a google news search of "Mexico" "armed" "drugs" returns so many hits.

The corrupt Mexican government enjoys the money that the drugs provide and they turn a blind eye. The corrupt American government enjoys pandering to racists and turns a blind eye. The American people get screwed.

I wish that they had just shot the smugglers dead.


Hindu said...

The scope of the drug smuggling coming out of Mexico is so large it's hard to mentally get your arms around it. Border Patrol is but a gnat to be swatted for the 3 big cartels.

Add all that Columbian cocaine and Mexican dirty heroin flowing N out of Mexico to the BC Canadian weed and designer drugs flowing S and we in the NW are in right in the middle of it.

MAX Redline said...

Yes, I read this earlier. Interesting; they used a bulldozer to pull the truck out of the river, and it was suspected that the same dozer has been used to plow impromptu roads across the river.

So where the hell is the Sierra Club?

The Cheezer said...

I’ve said it before, line the border with land mines and shoot on sight!

Anonymous said...


PO Box 1438, McMinnville OR 97128
Telephone: 503-569-4960 & 503-435-0141
Internet: Email:

November 20, 2005

Mr. Anthony Ho-Group Supervisor
U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement
511 NW Broadway
Portland OR 97209

RE: Interior Enforcement in Oregon of Federal Immigration Laws

Dear Mr. Ho:

This letter is addressed to you and all members of the federal immigration enforcement team in Oregon.

This letter will serve as our third notice requesting enforcement of the laws against illegal immigration. The purpose of your taxpayer-funded positions is to enforce the immigration laws. Our next course of action will be to involve the U.S. Attorney’s office. We will no longer accept your non-enforcement of applicable immigration law and will utilize all legal actions available to us. In this era of terrorism and drug trafficking from foreign nations, we have been extremely patient, to no avail.

A foreign government is succeeding in undermining your efforts to enforce immigration law.

On December 3, 2005, in Woodburn, Oregon, the Mexican Consulate will again sell their version of photo ID, called a Matricula Consular card, regardless of the legal status of the Mexican nationals to whom the cards are issued. We understand that LEGAL immigrants have proper identification as presented to them by U.S. authorities and understand that these U.S. issued immigration ID/papers are sufficient to work/drive/bank in the United States of America.

We therefore conclude that a majority, if not all, of the applicants for this Matricula Consular card are NOT authorized to be in the United States. In fact an Attorney for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, a Washington DC group, said that "possession of this Matricula Card is prima facie evidence that the person is unlawfully present in the United States." Also the Mexican Consulate in San Jose, CA, said "We estimate 70% of applicants are undocumented" & "immigration status is a concern of U.S. authorities, not us."

Also on this same day, Dec. 3, several Oregon state agencies will be present to assist likely illegal aliens in "How to find an available job in Oregon," "register to vote in Oregon," "How to get a drivers license," "information about unemployment benefits," "What to do if injured on the job." We understand that ANY State or local official/employee who provides any benefit or service, such as those explained on the "Carousel of Information" poster, would be subject to criminal liability under 8 USC sec. 1324. They posses the criminal intent (mens rea) necessary for a felony indictment under 8 USC 1324.

Mr. Ho, state/local employees/officials are in the building, and they are assisting. I am a witness and have several more witnesses. In addition, we have newspaper and TV reports verifying the same.

We conclude that the Mexican Consulate and Oregon State officials and employees are undermining your efforts to enforce immigration laws. We conclude that they assume you will NOT do your duty as an ICE agent assigned to carry out ICE’s mission.

We formally request your presence on 12/03/05 in Woodburn to enforce immigration law. This could be facilitated by pre-screening applicants for the Consular card and by arresting the State or local employees/officials for violation of federal laws.

We understand that your presence at this "Carousel of Information" just one time, could set a precedent that ICE is doing its job. We suspect that the Mexican Consulate may stop traveling throughout our state to sell their ID, and that Oregon agencies will then cease participating for concern that they may be prosecuted, as they should be.

This "Carousel" is happening soon, within about two weeks. We anticipate your quick response to this notice.


Rick Hickey, Vice President
Telephone: 503-569-4960

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