Monday, November 14, 2005

No permission slips needed!

Jefferson School-Based Health Center
Whether you are [male/female] [gay/straight/lesbian/bisexual/unsure]

We can:

Do exams (including sports physicals & reproductive health exams)

Provide Counseling

Give shots (immunizations)

Prescribe medicines, including birth control

So why do children need a permission slip to go on a field trip but not to receive psycho-therapy, potentially lethal birth control, or "reproductive health exams?"

And don't you need a degree to be a counselor or doctor? Aren't counselors and doctors pretty expensive? Either we have a huge amount of school money going towards quality health proffesionals or they are hiring sub-par people to give your daughter a pap and The Pill. Either way I'm not comfortable with this.


activist kaza said...

"Potentially lethal" birth control? You mean like a backroom abortion by an unlicensed provider? Ah, Dan, I've missed your (a)musings. I forgot how much they bring a smile to my morning...back to the '50s, indeed! Can we just pack you and your followers into the time machine right now???

Anonymous said...

Last time I checked women are dying from licensed abortion providers...

Tony said...

Go back to the 50's, Andy, and what you will find is that there were not many abortions, and ergo, few fatalities. More common was "go live with Aunt Sally in Atlanta" for 8 months. Baby and mother alive.

Check out for scientific evidence of how this procedure is killing women. This is a major women's health crisis, along with the HPV crisis your party ignores (50% of women under 25 have the disease, which is the root cause of cervical cancer, the #2 cancer killer of women).

Abortion harms women in either the procedure, or afterwards in the health problems it causes, or the emotional fallout. All in the name of convenience for the woman, and money for your party from the multibillion dollar abortion industry.

I will gladly take Standard Oil and Halliburton as my party's favorite money source to be hit over the head with, compared to the likes of Planned Parenthood.

The way that you pat yourself on the back for this legacy of death, maimed women, and dead babies is grisly. Look at this and tell me that you are not moved.

Tell me that you think that young women told that this procedure is "safe" and then getting the malevolent consequences is a good thing.

Liberals seem to think that if someone does something terrible and gets hurt in the process (drugs, abortion, for example) then we should make it legal and even free. Subsidize destructive behaviors to keep people from realizing their consequences, rather than keeping it illegal and educating.

The fallacy of your position is only eclipsed by the religious fervor with you hold it, and the smarmy way which you denigrate those who have well grounded reasons for disagreeing with you.

Honest debate on the issue should be welcomed. In a conservative system, only lawbreakers would be harmed, and they only of their own doing. In the world your party has created for us, millions are harmed each year, and the painful consequences are covered up.

Tony said...

And the issue here, Andy, is that students who cant go on a field trip, take an aspirin, or get a tattoo without a parents permission can get all kinds of medical treatments behind their parents backs at a public school. This is unconscionable. Let's open a tattoo parlor at the school and see what kind of outrage there would be.

But turn the kid into a depression sufferer, render her infertile, give her massive hemhorraging, make her an alcoholic, give her an incalcuably high risk of developing breast cancer, all of these are acceptable outcomes, as long as we make sure that, above all else, we are sure that we encourage our young teens to have sex.

I'm sorry, but these priorities are way out of wack.

Daniel said...

I'm glad that I bring you a smile Mr. Kaza. Maybe I could use the folgers jingle...

But refresh my memory, did we have more or less poverty in the 50's? More or less crime? More or less self-reliance? More or less teen pregnancies? More or less drug use?

And even if you disregard all that, I would go back to the 50's just to support Senator McCarthy!!!

Thomas said...

Ah, Mr. Kaza! I was so happy to see that you had posted a comment, I thought(with no little excitement):"Well, if it isn't my favorite ( well-dressed) moonbat!"
When I read the responses left by Tony (and the ubiquitous anonymous)
I saw they had addressed the issue quite well on their own.

Daniel(our "leader") asked a good question that I see you avoided answering directly, that is -"...why do children need a permission slip to go on a field trip but not to receive psycho-therapy, potentially lethal birth control, or "reproductive health exams?"" Instead you answered with a snarky: ""Potentially lethal" birth control? You mean like a backroom abortion by an unlicensed provider?" And I'd ask: why does a 13 year old girl need a permission slip from her parent(s) to get an aspirin from the school nurse, but is suddenly granted the infamous "Right to Privacy" concerning her wish to have a potentially dangerous medical procedure performed?
Instead of teaching young CHILDREN that abstinance is the best(foolproof) way to prevent pregnancy and STDs, schools promote "responsible" sexual behaviour. That I would consider a problem that needs addressing. Or do you have a cute little quip for that, too?
Your smug "superiority" always ceases to amaze me.

And, the 50's were a time when people still had a clear sense of morality, knowing the difference between what was right and wrong, taught to them by their parents. Not that we were all perfect, but we still knew when we were wrong, even if we didn't openly admit it.
Daniel, the dilithium crystals have been installed, we await your orders, Sir.

Anonymous said...

Here's an email I sent to the principal of Jefferson...
> Does a student need a permission slip to go on a field trip?
> Concerned Parent

His response:
> A student does need a signed
> permission slip to go on a fieldtrip. Teachers has
> handbooks or can go
> on line to get the permission slip and addd the
> information that is
> needed about time and place of the fieldtrip.
> Larry D. Dashiell

My response:
>Thank you for your response.
> Does a student also need a permission slip to receive
> sexual issues and choices counciling, birth control
> perscriptions, or reproductive health exams from your
> school-based health center?
> Concerned Parent

His response:
> We do not track the County School based clinc student list. I can have
> them forward their policy and how it was arranged with the county and
> the school district.
> Thank You
> Larry D. Dashiell

Of course I didn't get the policy
from the Multnomah County Health Dept. School-Based website...

Consent for Care
According to Oregon law, students aged 15 and older may obtain services from a school-based health center without a parent or guardian's consent, but it is Multnomah County Health Department policy to consistently encourage students to notify and involve parents or guardians in all aspects of their health care. Parents or guardians are always contacted in an emergency. Oregon statute permits persons of any age to obtain family planning and services for diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted infections without parental or guardian consent.

What a joke. Yep...I'll be looking for a private school.