Tuesday, November 15, 2005

But can we sit at the same lunch counter?

Latino Business Network

Eugene -
Some Latino business owners are teaming up with the Chamber of Commerce to make their mark in the community.

The Chamber is holding a meeting Tuesday night for Latino business owners and managers.

Alex Reyna is an Account Executive with KXOR 660 Digital Radio he says, "eventually the goal is to bring the Anglo business owners to participate so they learn how to market their products to the Hispanic community."

A Chamber of Commerce meeting for bussiness owners and managers of one particluar race. But don't worry, "eventually" they plan to inlcude the "anglo" community in all the fun.

I don't have a problem with this on it's face. Marketing to certain demographics, including race, is a part of bussiness. I don't have a problem with that and I'm not going to ignore reality. My problem is with the double standard. How can the media write something like this while their newsroom probably has a "Commitment to Diversity" poster on the wall?

What would the media say if a group of bussinesses catered to patriotic Americans and got together to commit to have no Spanish writing or speaking in their stores? I would patronize a bussiness that marketed that way but they would be condemned as racist by every newspaper and TV station in Oregon.

The double standard and racial immunity of some groups is just subtle racism. As opposed to the overt racism by the folks over at BlueOregon.com who try to keep black people from voting. (If I keep saying it then people will accept it as true)


Anonymous said...

You've really gone off the deep end, haven't you? Your comments here are completely rediculous, and you said yourself, there's marketing to demographics. And by the way, you might want to take a few classes yourself and learn how to spell "business."

Katie said...


Speaking of spelling...that would be ridiculous not "rediculous".

Anonymous said...

Racism is wrong in any form. The fact that government is forcing it to happen, and the people are accepting it and the media is loving it, will lead to the fall of this country

Daniel said...

Anonymous, No I have not gone off the deep end. My comments are always spot on. I should take some remedial English classes. Can any state angency or private business openly market to caucasions only? And by "openly market" I mean state that the forum, conference, meeting, etc is for whites.

Katie, thanks for salvaging my dignity.

Anonymous, we're all Americans here. Except for the illegal aliens who should be arrested and deported immediatly.

Thomas said...

Anonymous said: "...government is forcing it [racism] to happen"
Are you saying that racism is "State Sponsored"? If you are referring to "affirmative action",then in that case, I would tend to agree with you; setting aside jobs/contracts for "minorities" is "racist". But if you just want to say that gov't is forcing people to become racists, then you need to adjust your tin-foil beenie.
"[P]eople are accepting it..." Oh, really? The only people I can think of who are willing to accept that notion are the "Reverend" Jessee Jackson, and Al Sharpton ( just to name two). THEY are the ones who "promote" racist ideas. Ideas with which they try to keep their fellow Blacks on the plantation in order to line their own pockets. (Am _I_ now considered a racist for calling attention to that?) I like to believe, that as a nation we have grown up and moved past the notion that one race is better than another, and are working to inculcate that belief in our children.
And, what is wrong with businesses promoting English only in their establishments? English IS the "lingua franca"(i.e.common or commercial tongues among peoples of diverse speech)
here in America, don't you know? I, for one, don't particularily enjoy going to ATM machines and having English as the last in a list of six or seven others. If we continue to Balkanize this country, we WILL fail in the "Great Experiment" that we call America.
It has been said that "only white people can be racist, because they hold all the power". All I can say to that is - "yeah, right."

The only racists are the people who are the first to cry "racism!"

Anonymous said...

If your comments are always "spot on", I better grab my stain remover.

And by the way, it's going to take a lot more to salvage your dignity.

Tim Lewis said...

No one, especially some anonymous poster too afraid to leave their name, can take away a man's dignity. Grow up.