Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Elections manager helps Mexicans vote

Frank Garcia, appointed HAVA (Help Americans Vote Act) manager, visited the Mexican consulate to help Mexicans vote in their elections while living in America.

From the Mexican Consulate in Portland:
(Google translated)

Portland, OR., 9 of November of 2005. The Special Adviser of the Coordination for Voto of the Mexican Residents abroad of the IFE, Primitive Rodriguez, visited Oregon to promote the registry in the Nominal List of Voters to choose president in Mexico the year that enters. The General Consul Fernando Sanchez met with him and, of joint form, they presided over a press conference before average more influential audio-visual writings and in Spanish of Oregon. The Adviser of the IFE met with you lead communitarian like Ramon Ramirez of PCUN, Sabino Braid of the County of Washington; Perfect Javier of Woodburn, Martín González de Portland and the Advisors of the Saline CCIME Miguel and Arming Moral, as well as with Frank Garci'a of the Section of Elections of the Secretariat of State of Oregon.

This isn't the first time that Mr. Garcia has decided to do something other than simply help Americans vote. Apparently he is very interested in only helping Americans (and non-citizens?) vote in our elections if they have the right skin color.

Press release:
The Oregon Latino Voter Registration Education Project has set a goal of registering 5,000 Latino voters by the November 7, 2000 election. In 1996, one year after Frank Garcia and Anthony Veliz co-founded the organization, OLVREP registered 1,000 Latino voters, sponsored several voter education forums, and coordinated a get-out-the-vote campaign.

NOTE: If you are wondering what the DMV item is on the Mexican Consulate website it just our taxpayer funded DMV coordinating with a foreign government on how to subvert laws passed by the United States congress. Oh, and they need more spanish stuff. Those hardworking Mexicans are too lazy to learn English. (yes, I said that)

Salem, OR., 4 of November of 2005. The Latin Work group of the Department of Vehicles and Motores (DMV) celebrated his sixth meeting, in which Fernando participated to the General Consul Sanchez Ugarte accompanied by the one in charge of Promotion of the Consulate. In the meeting pursuit to the proposal of Law SB640 occurred approved by the Legislative Assembly of Oregon, and of Real the Federal Law YOU GO Act, which will take effect during the first semester of 2008. Also, one commented on the necessity to count on greater material in Spanish for the registry of vehicles and the diffusion of the same one between the community; whereas the DMV presented the material translated in Spanish whom it has.

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