Thursday, November 03, 2005

Sued over the truth

Parents sue district over treatment of Latinos
The Brewster School District has discriminated against Latino students for years and has done little to change, according to a lawsuit filed by some parents in U.S. District Court in Spokane.

Brewster High School Principal Randy Phillips declined to comment, saying he hadn't seen the lawsuit.

The school district has been dealing with discrimination allegations ever since Phillips called a meeting of Latino students two years ago, telling them they had less respect for each other, scored worse on tests and fought more than white students.

Phillips has said the meeting was an attempt to stop violence, and came after the eighth fight in two months involving Latino students.

Last July, federal investigators found that the school had violated the civil rights of the 27 students who attended the meeting, and the district agreed to issue a formal apology to their parents and to send staff to diversity training.

The fighting, the lack of respect, the low test scores are all irrelevant now. What matters is that the kids feelings may have been hurt. What could have been a great lesson in accountability and may have been the turning point for some kid's lives is now a great lesson in victimhood.

This is absolutely racist and it sets these kids up for failure in life.

My only consolation is that at least in Washington they have to sue for this:

The lawsuit asks the court to order the district to create a minority-affairs office, provide diversity training for all administrators, teachers, staff and students...

when in Oregon we do it simply because we're nuts.

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