Monday, November 28, 2005

If by "anti" you mean "reward"

Bush plans anti-illegals campaign
President Bush today will call for a crackdown on illegal immigration, a move aimed at further rallying conservatives who recently cheered Mr. Bush's tough talk on Iraq and the Supreme Court.

But the president will also renew his call for a program to allow Mexicans who have already entered the U.S. illegally to remain here for up to six years. That initiative has long angered conservatives who equate it with amnesty.

And then what after six years genius? Then are you going to "crackdown" on the criminals already here? If you can do it in six years then you can do it NOW!


Anonymous said...

Golly, if I were thinking about sneaking into the US I would hurry over and commit as many crimes as possible under as many names possible as that would make it easier to later document my presence here before the deadline.

What better proof than a mug shot and a full body description. Next all I would need is to parent a few anchor babies and I am set.

Anonymous said...

Only good thing Pres. said "Immigrants need to understand our Values, Culture and...the ENGLISH LANGUAGE"!!!
BUT he says "NO AMNESTY" and then STILL talks about a Guest worker program for ILLEGAL'S that are already here, against the law!

Daniel said...

His "guest worker program" talk is only encouraging a rush of new illegals.

And his talk on enforcement is just talk until he actually begins some real enforcement. Something I have yet to see.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I heard the speech and it made no sense. On one hand he says that he wants to get tough on the border and crackdown on employers that are hiring illegals, and the ones that are here now.......Well lets give them a job!

Of course you would not expect the man to make any sense now as he has not yet over the 5 years that he has been president.

Daniel said...

It's one of my big disapointments. The others that come to mind are the lack of a push for a federal marriage amendment and his nomination of Harriet Miers.

Robin said...

so what is going to happen in 6 years after they settled here, have family here, have childern born here. they are not going to want to go back and I don't blame them.

and are we going to enforce the laws?

or are we going to listen to the cries of "the children that were born here are American citizens, we can not deport them or their parents"

we don't now, what make then think that we will in six years under this program?

it is like saying that you might as well give the burglar the key to the house so he doesn't do any more damage to the rose garden.

And they wonder why on both sides the border no one respects our government anymore.