Monday, November 07, 2005

They hate Wal-Mart, love Mexico

The Wal-Mart haters never cease to amaze me. But one argument in particular seems especially ingeniuos: the loss of local dollars. I would accept the argument except that these same people have no problem with the millions that go down to Mexico from illegal workers every year.

In fact, Mexico has been identified as "ideal" for money laundering because we send so much money in "remittance" there anyway.

"Mexico is not only a major drug transshipment and producer nation, it is also a conduit and repository for the laundering of drug proceeds generated in the United States. The 2,000 mile U.S./ Mexico border, close working relationships between Colombian and Mexican drug trafficking organizations, widespread corruption, and the relative ease with which large amounts of U.S. currency can be absorbed into the Mexican financial systems make Mexico an ideal target for money laundering organizations."

A dollar spent at Wal-Mart may not stay in Oregon, but it's more likely to stay in the USA than a dollar spent on an illegal alien worker.


Anonymous said...

I especially enjoy the TV commercials for a roofing company that show the contractors work crew installing a new roof and everybody I can see looks as Illegal Aliens.

The unspoken message here is, "look how we save you money."

Bob said...

I'm only mad at Wal Mart because their CEO recently suggested that the federal minimum wage should be increased!

I fail to see how more unemployment is going to help anyone.

Jon said...

The thing that burns me is Walmart is always singled out as the bad "big-box" store. Like from the "Save Cedar Mill" crowd in Beaverton. They say they are worried for the small business community, yet they say nothing about a Kohls going up just a couple miles away.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you put up a direct e-mail address so I can send you material I share with journalists and other bloggers such as NWrepublican and

Gullyborg said...

hey anonymous: start your own blog, then we'll read you regularly rather than you having to e-mail anyone.

As for Wal-Mart, I just heard an interesting blurb on Rush this morning. Apparently, some big economic study found that Wal-Mart's low-ball pricing does more to stave off inflation than interest rate hikes at the Fed. In other words, everyone is better off because Wal-Mart forces competitors to maintain low prices in order to stay in business. Damn those evil corportations!!!

Bob said...

I think their superstore is open out on west 11th now. I've been meaning to check that out. Idiotic comments by a CEO or not.

I'll still be buying my meat at Long's

Daniel said...

I'm not sure why Wal-Mart gets a bad rap and Target or Fred Meyer don't. Bottom line: free market, you don't like it? Move to Cuba.

Anonymous: I don't put out an email because the tolerance crowd would spam me all day long, if you have regular contact with NWRepublican then shoot him an email that he can forward to me. Then I'll give you my email.

Scott said...


I'm a western Union agent
throgh my work.
We send thosands of dollers a month to Mexico .
one agent site
how many agent sites in oregon.
12 months
how many dollors shiped out of Oregon a year.