Saturday, November 19, 2005

HillaryCare in small doses

Kulongoski: Health care plan on tap; sales tax not
Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski said Friday he is planning to unveil a health care plan that could provide coverage to every child in the state, as well as poor and middle-class families.

Kulongoski, addressing a sold-out Portland Business Journal Power Breakfast crowd, also said that he supports "a consumption tax," but stopped short of saying that he'd back a statewide sales tax.

A "consumtion tax" is a sales tax, so he didn't "stop short" of saying anything. And he certainly won't stop short of taking your money.

Talking about Vermont and ex-governor Dean:

"He made it his objective that every child from prenatal to (the age of) 18 have access to health care," Kulongoski said. "And they now cover almost 100 percent." Dean subsequently rolled out the plan to middle-class families, Kulongoski added.

"So now every family in Vermont has some identification with someone in this plan," he said. "And none of the legislators want to cut the program because it isn't perceived as a public welfare program, it was a program all citizens had access to.

Democrats never do try to hide the fact they are are manipulative in their ways to fool the American people. Kulongoski is saying that we would never accept socialized medicine under one name but that they can slowly incorporate it into people's daily lives until we become numb to it. Kind of like boiling a frog.

"I do believe you need a consumption tax, but how do you get citizens to make that change?" he said.

Translation: I want a sales tax, how can I fool Oregon citizens into supporting it?

On the tax front, Kulongoski noted that because 70 percent of the state's revenues come from personal income taxes, recessions hit Oregon particularly hard.

Translation: Just because you have less money doesn't mean that government should have less money.


Dare!PDX said...

So this is me reading between the lines.

I'm Kulongoski, I've been Governor for three years now and accomplished nothing new of note.

I've got a potential challenger in the primary whose name is Kitzhaber and he as a two note trumpet he can challenge me with. One note is salmon and the other is OHP.

Hmmmm, as Governor I can match the salmon and raise him socialized medicing across the board.

That's what this seems to me. The real question is, will the Public Employees Unions drop insurance benefits for their children if the state is providing the insurance. My instincts tell me know so it shows what his program is really worth.

Also, just to put it out there, Kitzhaber gave a speech a few months ago and was interviewed in Fortune magazine about how he plans to roll-out some medical insurance initiative this next election cycle. Kulongoski is just getting ready for defense.

Tim Lewis said...

Why doesn't he worry more about creating some jobs instead of raising taxes? More jobs = more money for government.

Here's a couple ideas for jobs:

Stop trying to block new Wal*Marts from being put, they're not the devil and if they impact your crappy mom and pop store, it's your fault, not theirs. I don't necessarily like shopping at Wal*Mart, but they provide tons of jobs. [rant]And yes, technically you can live on minimum wage. If you can't pay your bills, it's because you're living outside your means. You don't need that new truck and you're living in too big a house/apartment. Stop eating out every single meal and you'll be fine. Live within your means. You're not rich, so stop pretending you are.[/rant]

Make all illegal immigrants go through naturalization processes and work legally here (as they're supposed to!). Think about all those illegal workers paying taxes.

Dump worker unions, especially for taxpayer-funded jobs. That's why we have minimum wages and fair market value. If no one will work for minimum wage at a teaching job, then they'll have to pay more. Do your job and stop whining.

And these are just off the top of my head.

Robin said...

Kulongoski hasn't anything for years, why doesn't he just kick back, enjoy the ride until the end of his term and just leave the rest of us alone.

Terry said...

Technically it is possible to live on minimum wage? For how long? Can you afford health insurance? What if you get sick and can't work and run up big medical bills? What if your clunker car dies and you don't have the money to replace it? What if your rent goes up $50 per month? What if you have student loan debt? What if any number of a zillion other things goes wrong and you have no cushion or emergency fund? If you manage to live for 50 years on minimum wage, you'll have to keep working until you drop dead or become disabled, at which point you will become utterly destitute. What kind of existence is that?

Blue Cross of California said...

Great blog and very informative on what hilary wants to do with health care. I really hope someone can do something quick to improve our health care system.

rbcaver said...

people in oregon deserve to have free voluntary and market choices of health care plans of there own choosing rather than have the state of oregon make there health care decisions for them by a bunch of liberal socialist left wing wackos who are trying to turn usa into canada,france,germany with socialist influences which goes against every constitutional american values america stands for /