Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Charge them with "hate crimes" maybe?

Activists 'terrorize'ex-'gay' conference
Enraged homosexual activists, shouting obscenities and chanting "Shut it down," amassed outside a Baptist church in Boston to harass and intimidate attendees of a Focus on the Family conference on recovering from homosexuality through the power of God.

Wow, the "tolerance" crowd really came out in force. Read the article, see the pictures, then tell me who do you think is the side that is filled with "hatred" and "intolerance."


Anonymous said...

I Hate to tell you this but, Special people have Special protections and those shield them from "Hate Crime" Issues.

Now that is a true crime.

Anonymous said...

The Ex-gay movement is a sham anyways.

The Cheezer said...

Just proves my point: homosexuality is a choice.
There is no way I could have sex with a man. And yet these people go back and forth between men and women for sex.
Of course the gays are mad, this group in recovery gives emphasis to the fact they need psychological help to find their way back to morality.
I have never met a homosexual that was mentally stable or didn’t from a destructive background.
The need mental help, not unnatural sex.

Daniel said...

Right on Cheezer! As for the "special" designation of certain groups, doesn't that violate the equal protection clause? Quick, where's judge james?