Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Sports rant

I don't usually comment on sports here but I have to get a couple things off my chest. First, Arlen "I don't have time to comfim Alito" Specter seems to have plenty of time to worry about professional idiot Terrel Owens.

Second, I saw on that nanny raper and Portland Blazer Ruben Patterson is making demands after cussing out his coach. Hey Ruben, the last time you made outrageous demands you had to register as a sex-offender, I hope the Blazer kick you off the team.

And last, GO COLTS!


Anonymous said...

I would prefer the Blazers relocate to Flushing NY and once there have someone pull the chain!

Daniel said...

They seem to have cleaned up a bit, if they would get rid of the nanny raper I would be a lot happier.