Tuesday, November 01, 2005

We support... something

Oregon Trail teachers get support
Among the unresolved issues are salary, insurance and policies regarding teacher transfers, teacher evaluations, preparation time and paid leaves.

No mention of the "support" in the actual article. Also no mention of the specific proposals that each side is making.

It would be a lot easier for the general public to know who to "support" if they saw what the school board was offering and what the Union was demanding.

As for the headline, even child molestors get support from the ACLU, drug addicts get support from the libertarian party and I get support from my wife. So what?

You will never see the headline: Bush nominee gets support.


Allen said...

The Spin is in!!

The invisible plastic shield is beginning to weaken and the News folks are bent to reinforce it.

Even KGW-TV 8 showed a mother who questioned the teachers intent and she was at a support meeting with the public called by the teachers.

Diesel said...

The teacher's intent SHOULD be questioned! There again, so should the District's. As Daniel said, I'd like to see what both sides are offering. The public shouldn't just be told (as usual) that the District is asking for "less", or the teachers for "more", or vice versus.

Daniel said...

Wise advice from a teacher! Have you seen/heard the various proposals Don?

As for the media spin, I don't think it's going to stop now, they are too far invested in this agenda.

Diesel said...

Seen and heard nothing. All I've heard is the "news" on KXL, saying that the strike continues. The last I heard of the District's proposals was the two-worded,"Delete i.e.". To me, that doesn't sound like the District is willing to compromise, or the teachers are bringing proposals that are astronomical.

Either way, I'm too busy preparing for basketball season to research it much.

Diesel said...

Daniel, I think you are the most spammed blogger I've encountered so far.

But, I've taken some time to try and understand the OR Trail Teacher's strike, and have posted to the best of my ability. Check 'er out. Don't be too hard on me!