Tuesday, November 08, 2005

By "everyone" they mean "gays"

State should recognize civil rights of everyone
It has been more than a year since Oregon voters passed Measure 36, which changed the Oregon Constitution so that only marriage between a man and a woman is legal. Since then, advocacy groups such as Basic Rights Oregon have continued the fight to end discrimination based on sexual orientation.

BRO’s Web site states that in 2006, “the organization will launch a three-year campaign ... to achieve long-term gains in the fight for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender equality in Oregon.”

Daniel is announcing a three-year campaign to fight against the homosexualization of our society, the normalcy of mental disorders like gender dysphoria, and the breakdown of the traditional family as the social norm.

Yet even Oregonians who oppose gay marriage for religious reasons should acknowledge that all adults in consenting, long-term relationships should be awarded the same status under the law.

Uh, no, I'm not going to do that. And the editorial board won't do that either. "All adults" would include myself and five subserviant wives. I don't think that the Emerald would be very supportive of us getting the same legal status as a married couple. In fact, I'm almost positive that they would try to deny us our civil rights! They're hateful bigots just like those folks at BlueOregon.com who try to keep black people from voting. (If I say it over and over again then people will believe it's true)

My point is that we all draw a line about acceptable behavior. Yours may be further out than mine but that doesn't make me "hateful."


Gunslinger said...

I like some of the things they say, as though they are real forward thinking.

"people will look back on the era when same-sex marriage was illegal the same way they now look back on the time when women were not legally recognized as citizens who could vote"

Hopefully, that will be several millenia away.

"Opponents of gay marriage don’t appear to understand the meaning of a “civil right.” "

Sure I do, I just refuse to accept that being able to marry whomever you want is constituted as a "Right"

Where do you draw the line. Start with gay marriage, and end with 50 year old men marrying seven year old boys? Or worse? "I love this goat, and this goat loves me. We're gettin hitched."

CapitalistPig said...

I don't get the big deal. Gays have the exact same right as any straight person to get married to someone of the opposite sex. There's no discrimination there. There's no denial of the right to marry, just denial of the "right" to marry who you want to. In that respect, I welcome all gays to the club of those who "can't get everything they want"...5 billion members or so and growing.

Tim Lewis said...

They just want the tax breaks. It's got nothing to do with rights. It's about saving a couple of bucks.

People can choose to be or not to be gay. "Animal instincts" are for animals, not people. It's what seperates us from them. People can't choose to be white or black, or a man or a woman, no matter what some of these fruitcakes may try to tell us. Is it a "civil right" for me to not have to listen to their degredation or morality?

If this is the case, why not allow groups like NAMBLA claim children as their spouse? See the logic? Exactly.

Kaelri said...

Drive to the nearest McDonald's. Order a cheeseburger. Pay for it, take it home. Open the wrapping, smell the warm beefy goodness of your savory meal. Eat it.

Follow these simple instructions to commit an act that, in India, is a sin, just as damnable as homosexuality in the good state of Oregon if not more; and for generally the same reasons.

Tim Lewis said...

So does that mean it's okay to have sex with the cow?

Kaelri said...

Hm. I didn't think the point was that easy to miss.

Tim Lewis said...

I didn't miss it, the logic is just a little flawed. Homosexuality isn't exactly encouraged there either.

There are laws against eating cows in India, just as there are things being put in place in Oregon against gay marriage. The voters have spoken with Measure 36.

Kaelri said...

The point was to compare Measure 36 with a similar law alien enough to your world that you might be able to look at it with a bit less bias.

Guess I should speak more plainly.

There is not a single human being in the world whose life would be better if gay couples were denied the same legal privileges as married couples. There is not a single homosexual who will cease to be homosexual as a result of this law. It can't "preserve the sanctity of marriage" just by claiming that the sacrilege isn't marriage at all.

"In a free society, you don't need a reason to make something legal, you need a reason to make it illegal." Do you have any constitutional reasoning to offer that can explain how married couples are more deserving of survivor benefits, Medicare, Medicaid etc. than anyone else?

Gunslinger said...

So long as they are legally married under the state's laws. No.

But... According to measure 36. It is illegal. Therefore. None of that survivorship junk.

And if I lived in India, I would follow the laws there too. But since I don't, I will eat all the beef I can. And without having to put up with the gay people shoving their ways down my throat. Wait, that sounds bad. Without having to worry about gay marriage interfering with my daily life.

Kaelri said...

" So long as they are legally married under the state's laws. No."

Then shouldn't that be the end of the story? Unconstitutional by your own admission? And a law, regardless, can be reversed. Measure 36 is not a holy proclamation.

"Without having to worry about gay marriage interfering with my daily life."

Well, unless you've getting proposals, you don't really have to worry about that anyway.

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