Monday, November 28, 2005

All but 11 states do this already...

Oregon Now Hiring:
Real ID Delivery Manager
$4,840 - $7,136 MONTHLY

You must be a current State of Oregon employee and eligible for promotion.
(You must currently be part of the problem...)

This position will direct the project planning, definition, design, procurement, development and implementation of Title ll Real Identification (ID) Card for the Driver and Motor Vehicles Services Division (DMV). This is a multi-year effort that will span over multiple biennia for a 2008 implementation. This federal mandate imposes prescriptive federal standards be applied nationwide on issuance of Driver Licenses. Failure to meet these mandated standards could result in state’s Driver Licenses and ID Cards not being accepted as identification by federal agencies and other jurisdictions.

While I am very happy to see that something is getting done to protect our Oregon ID, do we really need a manager to oversee it? What are our current ODOT and DMV managers doing? Are they too stupid to implement new rules that keep illegal aliens from getting drivers licenses?

If so, they should be fired and replaced.

Second question, is Oregon going to put off implementing these new rules until the very last minute? Is there going to be an "outreach" push towards the end to make sure that every last illegal alien currently in the state gets a license before the deadline?

I'm looking forward to the week before this rule goes into effect. I think I'll take my camera down to the local DMV...


Anonymous said...

At the very LEAST, DMV "Chief", Lorna Youngs should be fired immediatedly.

She is totally responsible for the issuing of 70-80,000 illegal drivers licenses in Hillsboro &, Beaverton.

Anonymous said...

I spent 2 hrs in the Express take a ticket line at Sherwood last Wednesday. It was filled with Hispanics trying to get licenses. The DMV has a system in place to waste as much time as possible. They have a 10 minute rule when taking money. You have to wait 10 minutes in between each transaction with people. This is extremely aggravating.

Anonymous said...

Along with Lorna Youngs, former ODOT "Chief", Bruce Warner (who now heads the Portland Development Commission-PDC) should be pounded on for the following:

Why in the hell did he, along with Youngs, allow the Robleto bothers to flourish, for years, in a "criminal enterprise" that worked with DMV to hand out ODL's to illegals with

peod in Oregon said...

I nominate LaVey Jeffries the DMV worker that was fired for actively doing his job. Is there any news on what has become of him? I wish I was in position to help him acquire justice.

Daniel said...

I agree with all three anonymous posters. And I heartily second the motion of poed in Oregon. I will look into his current status but if he is still an employee I will contact him, encourage him to apply for this job and too please keep us posted on what happens.