Monday, November 14, 2005

Anti-trust case

Those of you who were smart enough to listen to Lars today got to hear the most asinine of arguments from the proponents of land-use "planning" and it's supposed benefits.

High density housing and government transit are the staples of this urban utopia. But in the classic "which came first: the chicken or the egg" story I wonder which drives which? Is mass transit the natural response to high density living or are high density neighborhoods developed around mass transit?

Well according to LCDC high density is required to make state agencies like Tri-Met work.

High-density development, especially when coupled with mixed land uses, is regarded as critical to the success of public transportation and walkable neighborhoods. Such development not only provides the ridership needed to make public transportation financially viable, but it also offers a market for small local businesses located within walking distance of residential neighborhoods.

So government creates a program that is not "financially viable" without artificialy limiting the housing market. Essentially they created a bus and MAX system and said to people: consume our product. People didn't want to so government is breaking the knees of it's competitors.

If a private bussiness were to openly admit to this kind of treachery they would be sued out of existance.


MAX Redline said...

I caught part of it; a humorous exchange. I loved when his guest said that around 1/3 of the people really want to live in high-density places.

Sure: those with no families and pets, and who think paying $850 per month in rent for a 500 square-foot space is a good deal.

Daniel said...

And they just can't figure out why there are no children left in Portland...

Allen said...

Lars guest was totally uninformed about OR and assumed we sprawl willie-nillie as residents in a few states are yet allowed to do.

My bet she didn't do her homework and has never been to Oregon.

Selling a book wasn't she?

I like the fact that OHSU is picking up the tab for 90% of the Tram as we all know where they find their money.