Friday, November 11, 2005

More MEChA (the MKKK)

(Day two of using this slow computer...)

Judging by the response to the last post I am going to put up links to all (most) of the school MEChA sites in Oregon, plus I can't imagine a more interesting interview than Lars having at least one of these school's administrators on to justify this garbage.

U of O I swear that their symbol in the upper left looks like a German Nazi symbol...

Oregon State If a Christian put up a cross like the one in this picture they would be vilified and probably sued. But since it's Hispanics (or Chicanos? Latinos?) celebrating the "Day of the Dead" I guess that it's ok.

Don't think that you Washingtonians are left out. U of W They have a funny looking section of map labeled "somos atzlan" that looks suspiciously like the South West of America... no hostile take over's here!

West Salem High School Under construction

Parkrose High School Under construction

Coaching Job Postings (updated 11/10/2005)
MEChA Advisor, Sam Barlow High School Requirements: Experience in noted activity and/or coaching Projected Start Date: 2005-2006 School Year. Exact date to be determined by district. Application Deadline: In district: September 26, 2005. If position is not filled in district, outside applicants will be considered thereafter until filled.

So they are hiring a MEChA advisor at Sam Barlow. But class sizes are "too large" and we don't have enough teachers. They are "eliminating" sports. Blah blah blah.


Jemima Gaines said...

This is a stupid, racist entry even for a person with a wee, oddly shaped head and miniature ears.

The Ku Klux Klan was responsibile for at least 5,000 lynchings between Reconstruction and the mid-1960s and numerous other violent events. A civic organization for people of Mexican ancestry is not even remotely comparable.

You are very dumb bigot. And, ugly, too.

Anonymous said...

Does any one else smell the stench of war with in our borders?

jwalker said...

It is not stupid Jemima. We should not be promoting the culture of another at the expense of our own. And this is the running theme we seem to be experiencing over and over and over.

Daniel has shown many examples of the demand to create a bi-ligual standard. Do you think people should have to become American and speak English if they are to receive the benefits of being a citizen? Many of us do.

When immigrants win the lottery and come to this country, the expectation is of assimilation and becoming American, not forcing everyone else to be Mexican. And we should not have to pay for non-citizens' expenses. We cannot be the welfare agent for the world.

peod in Oregon said...

Leave it to an ignorant racist symphathizer to start their rant with personal attacks. Oh wait, that's me.
The only people who buy into the racist, illogical, illegal tenets of these Hispanic "civil rights" groups are the illegal immigrants and brain dead liberals. Since our elected officials seem to mostly fall into those catagories, the only solution I see is "lock and load" be prepared.
Note to La Raza and MEChA advocates, this is'nt France. True Americans won't roll over. The reason America is the land of opportunity and a beacon of freedom that it is, is because it was founded by hard working, God fearing, intelligent pioneers that believed in freedom, not a bunch of corrupt, inept, whiners. Americans take care of themselves and now help take care of the rest of the world. These illegals need to go back to Mexico and solve the problems they have there. Mexico is a land of unlimited resources and opportunity. Don't turn our country into the same poverty stricken corrupt hell-hole you are running from.

Anonymous said...

Jemima, lets see your picture? with that name I am imagining a big fat lady with her hair in a bun? Am I right?
How can you CLAIM that ANY group that HATES America and claims they want some of our Country to themselves as a civic organization?
The "A" stands for AZTLAN.
Ignorance is no longer bliss, it is the end of America, go to thier website dumb fat ass!

Daniel said...

My head is oddly shaped? My ears are miniature? I'm a racist? I'm dumb? I'm a bigot? I'm ugly?

Sigh. In between the name calling you actually made a point. It's not a valid point in my opinion, but it was a civil argument.

MEChA is a "civic organization" like the segregationists were a "political movement." You can give them a non-threatening label but their goals are the same.

MEChA's motto is "For the Race, everything. For those outside the Race, nothing"

They advocate for the overthrow of the SouthWest.

But put the violent overthrow stuff aside, do you see a double-standard when it comes to the race-baiting? Would a white group get away with this?

Would you tolerate the klan organizing on school property even if their actions weren't criminal?

Thanks for sharing your opinion though.

Everyone else: Man your battle stations.

jwalker said...

I always thought you were kind of cute Daniel. And so does my mother.

Daniel said...

Why thank you.

Anonymous said...

Battle stations Aye!

Anonymous said...

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