Sunday, November 27, 2005

Spanish only

Interested in taking advantage of some (needless) programs put on by the Gresham school district using your tax dollars? Better habla the espanol then!

Parent Workshop on Self-Esteem (Spanish only)
Tuesday, February 1st 6:00-8:00 PM

“Mornings with Muffins” Parent Circles (Spanish only)
January 18th, February 1st & 15th, March 1st 8:30-10:00 AM. Enjoy a FREE breakfast and the company of fellow Hall parents.

Finance Classes (Spanish only)
Tuesday, February 8th and Tuesday, February 15th 6:00-7:30 PM

The next generation of government interpreters:
And what does Mr. Shivers do in his Gresham kindergarten class?

We have been doing more addition problems in Spanish and the children are figuring out the answers quicker and with more confidence.

I let everyone give their answer (in Spanish only) and then we worked it out together.

We have started a new song in Spanish about a farm. (lyrics of song are listed in spanish)

No habla this warning label on the food package, oh well:
Do you want a food worker card in Benton County?

Spanish only) Friday afternoons at 1:30 p.m.

HEY, this is AMERICA! We speak English here. Anyone remember a time when liberals, in all their America bashing goodness, used to complain that American's were so lazy and selfish when they would go to other countries as tourists and expect people to speak our language?

We don't hear much about that anymore. Maybe it's because Mexicans come here and not only expect us to speak their language but also to educate, feed, house and provide them medical care.


Allen said...

To many people are cashing in on the opportunities resulting from the efforts in creating a secondary Spanish culture.

The shame is that government regulation has strangled growth in all other areas leaving exploitation of Illegal Aliens the only area turning new ground.

We are selling our souls to the devil for today's gain, but won't last long.

Daniel said...

In spanish please allen...

Robin said...

I look at it this way, we can keep bitching about it or we can send a clear message to our goverment that you support spanish over english, you will be recalled and tried for treason.

we need to insist that anyone who supports illegal immigrants will suffer the full extent of the law, otherwise, the law has no meaning, which just happens to be the message that we are sending now.

As consumers, we should refuse to do business with any company that is known to harbor illegals.

as taxpayers, we need to insist that law enforcement and immigration either do their job or have their funding removed and their department closed.

Harsh words I know, but mark my words... if this trend continues English will become a thing of the past along with our culture and our country.

Daniel said...

Groups to get involved with if you want to do more than just bitch:

Anonymous said...

Hey I moved from Salem to Beaverton for college reasons but I went to Chemexita community college and let me tell you this. Its a sad day in the US when a community college put a grand display and tons of decorations on campus for cinco de mayo yet failed to do little of anyhting for 4th of july. Their excuse was not enough students on campus. This is the type of Bull Crap that happends every where. If its not white man bad migrant bad, its american holiday bad, migrant holiday good.