Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Did we already lose?

All of us make jokes about "Hillary-care" and talk about our opposition to government run health care. Well, maybe not all of us, the folks at BlueOregon.com are still just talking about how to keep black people from voting (I keep saying it, people are going to believe it)

But step back, are we almost there already? Have we already lost this argument? Are we forming a neighborhood watch program and getting burglarized during the meeting? Can I keep asking questions like this without getting to my point?

I ran across this:
California -- Cure for health care troubles
There are 17,000 children in San Mateo County without health insurance — mainly because their parents don’t know the county ensures coverage to everyone under 19 regardless of immigration status.

“They think they’ll be deported, but they don’t realize its irrelevant for getting access to these [health care] programs,” Hellerich said.

Oregon has something similair with the Oregon Health Plan. I'm sure that many states have something like this. Counties operate health clinics. The federal government controls vaccines. (hmm, wonder why we have shortages?)

This whole time we've thought that we won the debate but instead of arguing with us the government just went ahead and did what they wanted to do anyway. They seem to do that a lot... light rail, convention center, giving stuff to criminal aliens, etc.

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Allen said...

Judging from the election results I see where CA has long ago become a Socialist state where government is run by the government.