Wednesday, December 28, 2005

We could save a few dollars at DHS today

State agency faces $172 million budget gap
The director of the Oregon Department of Human Services says the agency faces a $172 million shortfall in its current 2005-2007 budget.

"You could fix this by making cuts somewhere but I think it's a fool's errand," said Alan Bates, D-Ashland, one of several lawmakers who said Tuesday that they favored a special session.

My collection of DHS nonsense from previous posts:

Previous Post titled "DHS: Tips to flaunt the law"
This is the official word from DHS on how to get food stamps for illegal aliens. It's literally a step by step procedure complete with a common example. Be ready to throw up.

Previous Post titled "DHS: Strapped for Cash"
Talking about things like the "Department of Human Services Diversity Development Coordinating Council" and With jobs like "Diversity Coordinator" (Marita Baragli) and "Cultural Competency & Workforce Diversity Manager" (Open position) and "affirmative action officer" (Travis Richard) I can see why they need so much money.

Can't Marita and Travis handle the whole "diversity" thing by themselves? Do they really need a "Cultural Competency & Workforce Diversity Manager" who makes $59736 annually? Couldn't that 60k go towards helping the needy?

Previous Post titled "Priority populations: The Chosen Ones"
$3208 - $4476 MONTHLY
That's $53,712 annually + 15% benefits = $61768.80 total cost to the taxpayers
This job is to serve lesbians and low income women. No joke.

Previous Post titled "Marching to a different tune..."
Who has a booth at the Portland Pride Parade? DHS! (I think that they are right next to the Freedom Socialist Party booth)

Previous Post titled "Another public agency openly works with illegal aliens"
About DHS helping to adminster programs throught OHOP which has scores of information on how to give public assistance to illegal aliens.

Previous Post titled "Tax dollars go towards hindering your constitutional rights"
Maybe DHS could save some money by not going around talking like this: "Guns are now a prevalent health hazard."

Previous Post titled "Don't let them fool you, they have money"
Another "now hiring" post.

This was just a quick search of my archives for the phrase "DHS." How much money could be save by eliminating some of the above nonsense? Let's see, we've got food stamps for illegal aliens, tons of job titles with the word "diversity" in them, participation in liberal events for unknown reasons, and thinking that it's their job to discourage gun ownership.

I see a few dollars there.


Bob said...

Looks like to much "program building" to me.

When it come to actually caring for people, they pay us about 15%

Daniel said...

The more programs they have the more program directors can be hired. The more program directors they hire the more employees they need to direct. The more employees they have the more HR people they need. The more HR people they have the more diversity they want. The more diversity they have the more coordinators they need.

It's a vicious cycle.

Anonymous said...

Until we elect some folks with the onions to strip these agencies down we taxpayers will continue to be fleeced.

Onions...not on the horizon I'm afraid.

jwalker said...

DHS should be to help children, old people, widows and those incapable of supporting themselves. Mainly, children, abused and otherwise. 15% don't cut it. And from what I hear on Lars today, DHS is very heavy in paper pushers, not the workers who directly help these children.

I hope we all lose a little sleep tonight thinking about the poor kids tonight who are getting beat on, not being fed enough and living in substandard conditions while administrators for DHS live very well. Sad.

Anonymous said...

In a state of 3.5 Mil. DHS spends $5 BILLION a year? NOT including Federal entitlements But again they are short of money?
This is NOT a communist state right?

Daniel said...

I would encourage all of you to keep this an issue with Jeff Kropf on Lars' show tommorow. You might email him ( and see if he will have Rep Richardson on the show to talk about possible solutions to the DHS problem.

Anonymous said...

Every time I hear about Multnomah County and their problems in opening the jails, my solution would be to cut any county employee with the word "Diversity" in his/her job title, and then work down from there.

The same goes with the state of Oregon. I mean, do I as a white male qualify to be helped by these diversity hacks, or am I the wrong skin color or sexual persuasion? It is such a scam I cannot believe these kinds of positions actually get funded. Is it no wonder the state gov. is broke?

Tony said... the way, state carousel of sinformation participants, did you know you are violating federal law?

It is illegal to provide many government benefits to illegals. If we had someone with the stones to go arrest them and lock them up, I bet we could put a stop to this.

I wish Federal law had a citizens arrest.

Sailor Republica said...

Hmmmm...I smell Federal RICO charges.

Anonymous said...

Daniel...where are the "Illegal Alien of the Day" stories for the past two days? C' those!!!