Monday, October 31, 2005

Time to do our part

Alito Nomination May Bring Long-Anticipated Judiciary Fight
Just hours after President Bush nominated federal Judge Samuel Alito (search) to the U.S. Supreme Court on Monday, partisan warriors on Capitol Hill began preparing for a looming dogfight over the conservative jurist.

Those partisan warriors? That's us.

I've already received my breathless email from Planned Parenthood where they assured me that unless I send them money all of our sacred rights will go right out the window.


PFAW is hard at work painting Alito as an "out of touch extremist" who will probably bring back slavery and arranged marriage. Oh, and send them money or all our cherished rights will be destroyed...


The other side is active. The other side is loony. What about us? We need to make sure our senators know how that we want Justice Alito confirmed!!!

For those of us who were upset, outraged, or just ho-hum about the Miers nomination, now's our chance to get behind a worthy candidate. There's no excuse for not writing a letter a day. Whether it's to your senators, to the editor of a Fishwrapper, or to the President to thank him for this nomination. Start now.

Gordon Smith

Ron Wyden

Happy Halloween!

Last year I made a Lars-O-Latern in an attempt to scare the liberals away from my front door. Simply print out the template, adjust the size to your pumpkin, print, tape to pumpkin and then (this is the part the libs do like) poke holes in it! Take pattern off and carve it up.

Watch out for pumpkin smashers! Have a safe Halloween!

New Supreme

Bush Nominates Alito for Supreme Court
President Bush on Monday nominated Samuel Alito (search) to the Supreme Court to replace the retiring Justice Sandra Day O'Connor.

While many Republicans praised the judicial nominee, Democrats wasted no time in publicly blasting him as "too radical."

By "radical" they probably mean that he "believes in God."

Alito has been dubbed "Scalito" or "Scalia-lite" by some lawyers because his judicial philosophy invites comparisons to that of conservative Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia (search).

Some at the White House have taken offense to the nickname.

Things were going well until I read that garbage. Why should you be offended to have your nominee compared to a great intellectual, a great judge, and someone whose judicial philosphy you supposedly admire?

This is why Republicans deserve to lose. The American public agrees more with the rulings made by Scalia (and more importantly, so does the constituion) but Republicans are ready to concede that he is "too extreme" and every turn. Oh, and at the same time they will politely call Ginsburg a "moderate."

It's like we have some sort of losers complex where our side demands to operate from a position of weakness.

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Oregon: We want you to sue us

Employing and Accommodating Individuals
Individuals who use drugs under the supervision of a licensed health care professional, such as methadone, are not using drugs illegally, and therefore could be protected against discrimination.

Similarly, individuals who participate in methadone maintenance programs are also often perceived as drug dependent, even though methadone is a lawfully prescribed medication and individuals who participate in a methadone maintenance program are able to do every task—even safety-related tasks—that a person who is not receiving such treatment can do.

This is the state of Oregon giving a sort-of legal opinion and sort-of medical opinion. The legal opinion is that methadone users "could be" protected against discrimination. The disclaimer consists of the words "could be." Anything "could be" but we don't usually go around talking about all the possibilities when it comes to things like what's legal and what isn't.

The second opinion is a medical one, that is, methadone users are able to perform "safety-related tasks" while receiving "treatment." (we would call it "getting high")

Strangely, the federal government feels differently about methdone:
Psychological: Drowsiness, sedation, dizziness, lightheadedness, mood swings (euphoria to dysphoria), depressed reflexes, altered sensory perception, stupor, and coma.

Physiological: Strong analgesia, headache, dry mouth, facial flushing, nausea, constipation, respiratory depression, muscle flaccidity, pupil constriction, and decreased heart rate.

Duration of Effects:
Onset of analgesia occurs 10-20 minutes following parenteral administration and 30-60 minutes after oral administration. Oral administration results in a delay in onset, lower peak concentration and longer duration of action. Following single oral doses effects may last 6-8 hours, increasing to 22-48 hours in cases of chronic administration.

Effects on Driving:
The drug manufacturer cautions that methadone may impair the mental and/or physical abilities required for the performance of potentially hazardous tasks...

So what happens when an employer reads the website, sees the recommendation of having methadone users work with "safety-related tasks" and someone loses an eye?

If anyone knows a methadone user and a good lawyer, I'm all ears!

Feeling hungry? Try the buffet!

Numbers USA, a great immigration reform group, has a new page called the "Action Buffet." It has multiple form letter faxes that you can send to those morons in Washington DC to tell them how you feel about illegal immigration, the lack of immigration law enforcement, legal immigration, and much more.

It costs you nothing to send the faxes and it only takes a few seconds! I highly recommend this group.

Want to fight meth?

This was sent to me by a friend in the property management business:

Looking for an easy use tool in shutting down a drug house?

Fact #1 95% of all Drug or Meth involved residences are Rental property.

Fact #2 85% of legal owners of those Rental properties are unaware of the activity and that because they are out-of-towners and/or a management company doesn't want them to know as they profit well in making repairs.

Fact #3 10% are slumlords who profit greatly by renting to those others refuse and collect huge cash (and often untraceable) payments.

Trip on down to your County Clerks office where For Free you can learn the name and address of the legal owners and then send them a note explaining your concern.

It's worth a shot and often times successful in ridding the neighborhood of a drug house and other times having a new management company assume control who are more careful as to whom they allow as tenants. Killing the profit incentive is a powerful act and scaring a slumlord also has its benefits.

Note: Curiously enough all of the Meth Fighting organizations refrain from telling of this tool. But then, we all need a purpose in life and others need an income.

If there is a problem house in your neighborhood (frequent foot traffic, lights on all night, garbage, etc) then I would suggest you find out if it is a rental. If it is, then contact the landlord with your concerns. Let's make our communities unfriendly to drug addicts!

Keep in mind

UNICEF Still Unfit to Receive Halloween Donations from Pro-Lifers
UNICEF, the United Nations arm to assist children, has been mired in anti-life controversy for decades. That negative reputation continues to harm the organization despite some changes in the right direction this year. As UNICEF gears up for its annual Halloween fundraising drive, pro-life citizens are being warned not to participate in the UNICEF Halloween boxes campaign or to donate when trick or treaters come canvassing.

Following is substantial evidence to prove that UNICEF has become a very willing partner in the population control anti-child and anti-family programs of the U.N.

Always make sure that you know what the charities that you support do with their money. I would also point out that with the Christmas season (not "holiday" season) coming up, the United Way will be soliciting donations. That group hates Christians and refuses to give money to the boy scouts for being "exclusive" (to gays/atheists) while giving money to gay/transgender groups.

I wouldn't give them a penny.

Tax dollars go towards hindering your constitutional rights

The state of Oregon uses your tax dollars to say that George Washington and company were stupid. The state uses your tax dollars to try to convince you not to excercise your constitutional right. The state of Oregon makes wild statements without bothering to back them up with so called "facts" or footnotes.

From DHS: (yes, the organization that borrows $55 million that it can't repay)

Guns are now a prevalent health hazard. More than half of American's families keep firearms in their homes. Injuries and deaths from firearms are escalating at an alarming rate in the United States. (no we won't back that statement up with actual "data")

The truth is, all children are potentially at risk of unintentional firearm injury.
(all children are potentially at risk of being sexually abused at a public school as well...)

Currently, 17 states have enacted child access prevention laws, which may hold adults criminally liable for failing either to store loaded firearms in a place inaccessible to children or to use safety devices to lock guns. Safe storage laws are effective: they have been proven to reduce unintentional firearm-related deaths among children an average of 23 percent.
And this is what they would like. No footnote was present for the "23 percent" statistic. Also I don't see any info on how many children have been hurt/killed because a parent couldn't get to their defensive firearm fast enough, but since we aren't providing links to actual research I will say that having a firearm in the house has saved approximately 1,000,000 kid's lives... this week.

SAFE KIDS also supports both child access prevention laws (described above) and safe storage laws, which require gun owners to store guns with a gun lock or in a lock box.
Why do our tax dollars go towards this crap? This groups is housed at DHS offices and they actively lobby against gun rights.

I believe that the NRA has done more for children's safety with their Eddie Eagle program (stop, don't touch it, tell an adult) than SAFE KIDS has done with all their programs.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Proof that the state of Oregon hates black people!!

Perhaps some of you have been following the Georgia law requiring photo ID to vote. The law was passed to avoid voter fraud (multiple voting, voting by illegal aliens) despite vehement opposition from the Democrats and the ACLU immediately sued. (gee, wonder who benefits from voter fraud...)

Well, the law has been struck down because the judge said that "it amounted to an unconstitutional poll tax that could prevent poor people, blacks and the elderly from the voting."

Ignoring the fact that the statement is very condescending to black people, I see now that the state of Oregon hates black people so much that they want them to deny them a form of health care... cold pills!!! Clearly a requirement to show ID was a "burden" on black people that they could in no way overcome... I mean really, none of the black people I know have a drivers license. They simply walk to Blockbuster when they want to rent a movie... oh wait, Blockbuster is racist!!! Aaaaah.

At least now black leaders can stop protesting the placement of liquor stores "in black neighborhoods" (do we still have segregation?) because those black people can't buy alcohol without photo ID anyway. But wait, that means that the OLCC is racist!!!! Aaaaah.

I could make all kinds of malt-liquor jokes at this point and none of them would be as insulting as this:

Stephens said another Journal Constitution report stated that a poll revealed 80 percent of Georgians supported the voter ID law.

As for the poll, Rep. Tyrone Brooks, president of the Georgia Association of Black Elected Officials, said respondents, especially those who are black, were not informed of the law's impact.

"You talk to African Americans, and they will tell you that this is a hardship," Brooks said.

Uh, Mr. Brooks, I'm asumming that black people participated in that poll (unless photo ID was required) and they obviously didn't feel that it was a hardship. And calling them stupid doesn't change that fact.

Source article

Friday, October 28, 2005

Covering what matters... to them

A few weekends ago Oregonians for Immigration reform organized a protest, which I was a part of, on the capitol steps. We were protesting our state government violating federal laws. We were protesting the drug dealers and rapists who break into our country.

Did the media show up? No.

But maybe that's because we weren't "holding anti-war signs and waving peace-themed flags" like the anti-war protest that the Statesmen Urinal did cover. We waved American flags and said good things about our country.

Salem anti-war protest draws 200

Cancel your subscription.

Our reputation proceeds us

Make way for Oregon, now leading light of liberal states
“Hitch up the mules, Ma! Grab the kids and pack up the wagon, ’cause we’re heading to the land of opportunity – for a liberal, that is. We’re going to Oregon!”

But ask yourself, where does all this end? If the courts believe that live sex acts constitute free speech, then why not child porn or live acts with animals? After all, who would have ever thought 30 years ago that judges would have ever allowed – in any state – live sex acts or prescription marijuana or assisted suicide or third-trimester abortions or public exhibits of children in compromising poses presented as art?

Folks around the country are having quite a few laughs at Oregon's expense. This one is from Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Ann Coulter two-fer

'Scratch-Off' Miers
[Editor's note: Since the publishing of Ann's column, Harriet Miers withdrew her nomination to the Supreme Court.]

For five years, Bush has initiated massive spending programs, obstinately refused to protect the borders and signed restrictions on political speech into law. His veto pen remains unopened and unused in its original shrink-wrapped case. Bush treats conservatives like the Democrats treat the blacks (which is to say, pretty badly).

Ann Coulter on Miers Withdrawal: It's Morning in America!
Although the circumstances were unfortunate—we prefer fighting liberals to fighting our President—the Miers withdrawal is an unparalleled victory for conservatives. Liberals were never able to do this to Clinton when he hosed them. It will be a long time before the White House thinks it can use and abuse conservatives again.

Before and after. Ann is a lot happier after... (as are a lot of us)

Courtroom updates

Victoria Taft has play by play calling on the trial of the 80,000 drivers licenses for illegal aliens. Read her most recent post here.

We're sooo underpaid...

Lars has highlights from the striking teacher's proposed contract. You won't see this info in the mainstream press. Go to his website to see it.

How much do they hate America?

If this picture wasn't found on then I might believe that the upside down flag was unintentional. If this picture wasn't created by liberals who hate our country so much that they dance on the graves of our deceased soldiers, then I might believe that the upside down flag was unintentional.

Unfortunately these people do hate America, they do hate our military, they do hate what we stand for and they hate our flag. So I absolutely believe that the picture of Old Glory on the coffin is upside down on purpose.

This is disrespectful on so many levels...

There's great news... unless you read beyond the headline

Salem-Keizer's English-learner programs show progress in report

However, they don't meet advancement target of 80 percent

The report is required by the federal No Child Left Behind law. The law requires that at least 80 percent of English-language learners progress at least one proficiency level each year -- a goal that most Oregon school districts failed to meet.

Only 16 of 117 Oregon school districts with English-language learners achieved the 80 percent level.

The state of Oregon gives school districts an extra $2,600 for each English-language learner enrolled. Most districts don't spend all of that money on direct services to those students.

Salem-Keizer, for example, spent $6.6 million of the extra $12.8 million it received for English language learners on direct services to those students in 2003-04, the most recent year for which spending data is available.

So we have the encouraging headline but when you actually read the story you see that we are failing miserably. That and the schools are doing what Tom DeLay is accused of, taking money that has be designated for one recipient and funneling it to another recipient. How come the media doesn't issue breathless reports about how "indictments could come down any day" on the school districts?

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

"Huge" class sizes... for everyone except illegal aliens

BRILLA - Beaverton Rigorous Individual Language and Learning Academic Approach
...a challenging learning environment for Spanish speaking students in grades 9 through 12 who are new to the US and are acquiring English as an additional language.

The BRILLA program offers core subject instruction in Spanish while developing English proficiency. Students are placed in an technology-supported learning environment with direct instruction as well as an individualized programs that assure academic success for each of them.

While your kids are languishing (allegedly) in overstuffed classrooms that don't even have enough desks (allegedly) the illegal alien's kids are in "technology-supported" classes with "direct instruction." How nice.

Notice that the "core subjects" are taught in Spanish. We are teaching illegal aliens math, science, reading, etc in a foreign language. "Developing" English skills seems to be an afterthought.

HAT TIP: A reader who I met at tonight's Washing County Republican Meetup. (I will leave her nameless for privacy reasons unless she chooses to leave her name in the comments.)

Two minute survey

Oregonians for Immigration Reform urge you to click on the following website and fill out the survey about illegal immigration.

Take a few minutes and let our Republican leaders know how you feel about illegal aliens.

This guy is great!

Atkinson caters to young demographic
Oregon Sen. Jason Atkinson, 34, has been told he’s too young to be in politics since he started his career in the Oregon legislature seven years ago.

“Do you want to believe that I can turn it around, or do you want to do it the way it’s always been done? Cause there’s a bunch of candidates out there that are saying ‘Vote for me, I’ve got lots of gray hair, and I’ll give you the same government you’ve got,’” Atkinson said. “Our campaign is entirely different from the others, certainly based on age and youth and passion.”

Atkinson said his philosophy is based on faith, family and friends. Both of his parents were involved in ministry, and he’s been a part of Fellowship of Christian Athletes since he was a child. He also serves on the board of International United Christian Broadcasters.

I just took a few paragraphs out of this story. Please read the whole thing, it's a great profile piece.

The Daily Emerald also offers a chance to post feedback at the bottom of the page.

Get involved

United Republican Party October Meetup Day
This is a gathering of Republicans who want to find out how to become more involved in Republican political activism and make new friends and have a good time doing it.

Thursday, October 27, 2005, 7:00 PM
This is United Republican Party Meetup Day

This is in addition to the Washington County Republican meetup that happens tonight at Baja Fresh.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

They've convinced me...

OK, the Democrats have finally convinced me. I now support the idea of "affordable health care for all." That's right, I said it.

Before, my clearly stated position was one of "unaffordable" health care for all. But now, thanks to the incessant whining of liberals I have changed my mind.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do at the next Republican/vampire meeting when it comes time to discuss how, once again, Republicans can jack up the cost of health care. We've been doing it so long that it's almost like a reflex to us.

It even goes hand in hand with our other positions. When discussing responsible gun ownership we always try to figure out a way to raise health care costs at the same time.

I know we are behind Democrats on this issue. Countless Democrat party platforms have "affordable health care for all" as the first item on their list while the corresponding Republican platform is "raise the cost of health care so high that only Dick Cheney can afford it."

Now that I've seen the error the my ways I want to expand on this great idea: affordable houses for all! No, no, make that affordable mansions for all! And yachts! And we absolutely have to have affordable guns for all! (that one really is a guaranteed right) How about affordable cars for all? And Nike shoes?

In fact, I demand that EVERYTHING be affordable to all. My name is Daniel and I am running for some office on the promise of making everything affordable.

This ad has been paid for by the Make everything affordable for all PAC. Not affiliated with BlueOregon because they try to keep black people from voting. (If I say it over and over then people will accept it as truth) <== A trick I learned from the media.

Allen noted a glaring omission in my new political platform: A "living wage for everyone!" I propose a minimum wage of $60,000/year! That way people will be able to more easily afford all the things that I have made affordable. It's so simple, why won't they take me seriously in economics class?

Even the Devil believes in God...

Democrats cast for faithful to join their fold
"For a Democrat, it's almost uncomfortable to be a person of faith," says Hunt, a two-term Democrat who teaches Sunday school at a Southeast Portland Baptist church. "I don't know what the origins of that are."

I do, it's your complete disregard for Biblical truth, standards of behavior and your close association with the ACLU, the most anti-Christian group in existance. Oh, and the Democrat base absolutely hates Christians.

The party has produced no overt plan yet. But the targets are progressive-leaning Christians and other "voters of faith" who have taken up with Republicans out of a belief that it's the party that cares more about religious issues.

No plans yet. Republicans care more about religious issues than Democrats kind of like how police officers care more about the law than crack dealers.

"Somehow, we've completely forgotten everything Jesus said about poverty, all the things Jesus said about how we spend our money," Hunt says.

Yes you have. Jesus would like us to give money to the poor voluntarily, not at the point of a gun. Hey, that's kind of like what Republicans want!

As for what helps poor people the most, Democrats have been very successful as defining the only solution as a "give them money" solution. I believe that the best way to help the poor, the very best way, is to start by encouraging strong families. Married biological parents is the number way to avoid poverty.

Democrats are fine with society accepting 14 year olds being pregnant and out-of-wedlock births. Their policies create poverty.

Teacher's Union: Screw the kids

Teacher's strike looms in Oregon Trail School District
With a strike scheduled to begin Tuesday in the Oregon Trail School District, parents are beginning to debate the option of bringing in substitute teachers.

Other parents say that option would produce animosity between the teachers and substitute teachers, and they do not want their children taught in a hostile environment.

A 1999 strike by Fern Ridge area teachers near Eugene involved substitute teachers who were jeered and threatened when they crossed picket lines.

Threatening someone is a crime. Are your kids being taught by criminals? If you heard Lars Larson yesterday he had a board member for the Oregon Trail District talk about this issue and apparently the board is not on the side of the children or the taxpayers. (or law abiding citizens) When election time rolls around some heads should roll in the Oregon Trail District.

This news story is about a teacher strike, substitute teachers, and violence by teachers but KATU's accompanying photo is one of several sad faced kids. How about a picture of teacher's screaming at other teachers? Wouldn't that be more appropriate?

Monday, October 24, 2005

Democrats are the most prejudiced people I know

Village Voice Sex Harass Suit
A former editor at The Village Voice, the progressive alternative weekly, claims that he was sexually harassed and exposed to a barrage of crude comments about his gay lifestyle before being unjustly fired last year after 38 years at the New York newspaper.

It's not hard for me to imagine. Lot's folks who voted "NO" on Measure 36 are the first ones to call someone a fag or a homo. They support gay rights only because they like the "anything goes" attitude, not because they value "diversity."

And I just don't understand how Democrats get away with saying that requiring ID to vote would keep black people from voting. How condescending is that? Are they saying that black people don't have drivers licenses? Are black people too stupid to get an ID card? Really, it's "soft" bigotry and it demonstrates underlying prejudices.

My favorite Hillary quote: "You Fucking Jew Bastard!" (yelled at Paul Fray, Clinton advisor)

In my America...

National Lawyers Guild Honors PCUN and PCUN Leader
At its convention in Portland on October 29th, the Guild honors PCUN and PCUN Secretary Treasurer Larry Kleinman receives the Guild's "Carol King Award" recognizing long-time advocacy and defense of immigrants.

If I was Supreme Dictator for Life (aka a federal judge) then groups such as PCUN (the illegal alien union) and the Lawyer's Guild (immature children with law degrees) would be banned, their members imprisoned and their assets seized.

For a good dose of laughter, abeit scary laughter, take a look at what the "Guild" supports and opposes. As for PCUN, they have aided and abetted in the invasion of America.

New Mac Johnson column

Just How Temporary are 'Guest Workers?' Let’s Ask Their Grandchildren
We're going to need more than just brute enforcement . . . We're going to need a temporary worker program as well.
-Secretary Chertoff

First, let me say that we have no idea what “brute enforcement” can accomplish. We’ve never tried it. Right now we have “no enforcement.” So what do you say we start with pansy enforcement and work our way up to brute enforcement before we start bad-mouthing it? As a matter of fact, let’s declare December to be “National Brute Enforcement Month,” because I have really high hopes for it.

Mac Johnson agrees with all common sense Americans: a "guest worker" program is simply amnesty for criminals.

Mac Johnson Homepage

Don't let them fool you, they have money

*Now Hiring*
Cultural Competency & Workforce Diversity Manager
$3,794 - $5,334 MONTHLY
(Plus a ton of benefits)

This employment opportunity is with Health Services, Oregon State Hospital, which is part of the Department of Human Services (DHS).

Designs, develops and manages a hospital-wide cultural competence and workforce diversity program, with measurable goals and objectives, that compliments and supplements cultural competence and diversity activities currently in place. Participates with Human Resources in recruitment and retention of diverse staff and persons with disabilities.

While they are whining about not being able to provide enough health care to it's citizens (and non-citizens), the state of Oregon spends it's DHS dollars on cultural competency managers.

Government doesn't have enough money like a crack addict doesn't have enough money. They both simply choose to spend what money they have, on garbage.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Fighting for all of us... or at least drug addicts, rapists, and people who attack pregnant women

The ACLU of Oregon has a new format for their fall newsletter which was just released. Not only does it have their legislative scorecard, it's jam packed full of exciting information on how the ACLU of Oregon was protecting those very important civil rights that you and I are so worried about losing...

Due Process Rights of Sex Offenders...
HB 2316 A-Eng would have limited the determination of predatory status based only an assessment tool without providing any opportunity for the submission and consideration of evidence, including the offender’s psychological and treatment information.

The ACLU issued a floor statement against HB 2316 A-Eng. After lengthy debate the House passed the bill 40-17 (See House Scorecard). The good news is that the Senate Rules Committee rejected this proposal. Unfortunately, the committee used this bill as a vehicle to extend the statute of limitations for sex offenses against minors and passed out HB 2316 B-Eng.

I for one am sooo glad that the ACLU is looking out for the "due process" rights of sex offenders. I mean, just because someone molests half a dozen kids under the age of 9 doesn't mean that they are predatory. You have to take into account their "treatment" information before labeling them "predatory." Uh-huh.

Statute of Limitations for Sex Offenses (HB 2015 and HB 2316 B-Eng.)
HB 2015 was a priority bill for Speaker Karen Minnis. This bill further extends the statute of limitations on which charges may be brought against someone accused of a sex-related crime.

The ACLU of Oregon issued a floor statement against HB 2015.

The Oregon ACLU: not holding sex-offenders accountable since 1955.

Medical Marijuana Patients and Employment (HB 2693 & SB 1085 B-Eng).
The ACLU opposed HB 2693 A-Eng. because it allowed employers to fire a worker because he or she is a medical marijuana patient even when there is no evidence of impairment on the job.

By "no evidence," the ACLU means that the worker injured someone and failed a drug test. That's just not definitive for them.

I would support the ACLU on this issue if all ACLU member were required to have their medical procedures performed by Tommy Chong.

Defining Fetus As A Human Being (HB 2020 and SB 548 AEng.)
One of House Speaker Karen Minnis’ highest priority bills this session was her proposal to expand Oregon criminal homicide laws, including the death penalty, to include causing the death of a fetus.

ACLU: We are all for supporting a woman's right to choose... unless someone violently attacks her and kills her baby. Then we just call that an involutary abortion.

They also highlight such winners as:


So as you can see fellow Oregonians, it is very important to have groups like this fighting for your rights and mine. No, no, not those rights that are actually in the Bill of Rights. The made up ones.

We need a McCarthy now

George Clooney’s Clueless Movie
The movie is really about CBS’s star journalist, Edward R. Murrow (played by David Strathairn), and how he went after McCarthy, who is featured only in film footage from the archives. As Clooney (and most historians) would have it, the senator was a vicious, unscrupulous bully who ruined the lives of scores of innocent people by labeling them Reds. So where are the bloody corpses in Clooney’s movie? They’re totally missing. In fact, Clooney—who directed and helped write the movie—doesn’t show a single person who was done in by the senator’s supposedly reckless charges. Not one!

More baseless charges against the Great Senator Joe McCarthy (ironic that they sling mud and baseless accusations at someone for the alleged offense of slinging mud and making baseless accusations...) from the noted historian George Clooney. Thankfully Clooney's credentials as an intellectual are without question so we can assume that what he says is true...

I for one, am anxiously awaiting the book Blacklisted By History : The Real Story of Joseph McCarthy and His Fight Against America's Enemies.

For books that are out now you can't beat Ann Coulter's Treason and while I haven't read Venona : Decoding Soviet Espionage in America, it is on my Amazon wish list. I would recommend it to anyone *cough* Diesel *cough* who might have heard some misinformation about McCarthy.
The Washington County Republican Party October Meetup
This is a gathering of Republicans or those intend to become Republicans who want to find out how to become more involved in Republican political activism.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005, 6:30 PM

Baja Fresh
12286 SW Scholls Ferry Rd Tigard, OR 97223

A good group that meets on the last Wednesday of the month. I hope to see you there.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Attention Sherwood residents:

Vote YES on 34-112

I got my ballot in the mail today for the Nov 8 vote on whether Sherwood will continue to be robbed by the city of Portland for their water or if Sherwood will make an investment in ourselves and build a pipleline in cooperation with the city of Wilsonville to get treated water from the Willamette.

I strongly urge a YES vote on this measure.

Portland has enjoyed a relative monopoly in the water providing bussiness and they have acted like it. Bull Run water prices have been going up and will continue to if Sherwood signs another long-term contract with Portland.

Wilsonville has a top-notch treatment facility and have been using the Willamette as a water source for some time. The water exceeds all EPA guidlines.

With a YES vote, Sherwood will own the infrastructure that brings the water too us. We will no longer be renting from Portland.

Besides, there's obviously something strange in the water from Portland... there's no other explanation for the craziness from that city.

Welcome to Mexigon

Where's Your Brain has an excellent post about Lane County using tax dollars to support illegal aliens. Read it and be outraged.

This guy's great!

I'm seriously considering moving to Idaho just so that I can vote for this guy...

Cancel your subscription

I just cancelled my subscription the The Daily Dead Fishwrapper. The phone number to call is 503-221-8240. I spoke to Patty in customer service and when she asked why I was cancelling I told her it was the paper's refusal to effectively cover the issue of illegal aliens. (It would be interesting if several of you talked to the same person this morning and we all gave the same reason.)

The internet has far more national and local news than an old fashioned print paper anyway.

Friday, October 21, 2005


For my Friday night rant I think I'll start with a list of things that bug me:

1. Illegal aliens.

2. Gay marriage and the whole gay agenda, which is to destroy the nucleur family.

3. Affirmative action. It's racism.

4. The fact that republicans insist on prefacing statements on the above issues with "I'm not prejudiced..." as if we have something to apologize for when anyone with a brain (this disqualifies 99% of liberals) realizes that these are common sense positions.

5. The Oregonian. I'm cancelling my subscription tommorow. At the very least they will end up calling me in two days and offering me 3 free weeks again. (I do this frequently)

6. The fact that rap music is tolerated. Isn't selling crack, slapping bitches, and shooting rival gang members something that should be avoided? Why is this music becoming more mainstream?

7. Craig Morgan. I just want to buy his "redneck yacht club" song but he doesn't offer it as a single download for $.99. You have to buy the whole album.

8. People who steal music. Pay for it like the rest of us. You are criminals.

9. Celebreties. I'm not sure why the general population is facinated with you and your dysfunctional relationships. You are worthless and in my America you would be mocked and ridiculed.

10. Bush meeting with Bono... and "P-diddy." What the hell is that? Is Bono some political intellectual? Does the guy even have a brain? And doesn't P-diddy rap about selling crack? How about you meet with Ann Coulter? How about you meet with someone conservative? Why don't you call in to the Lars Larson show? Why do you insist on courting people who are going to hate you no matter what? AAAAHHHHHH.

11. Christians who vote democrat. Are you stupid? It's our job to bring Jesus to more people. Democrats hate that idea. You can't "respect" someone elese's religion because if you are a Christian you realize that the only way to Heaven is through Jesus. Don't you want everyone to go to Heaven?

12. Lorna Youngs. If I won the Powerball I would sue you endlessly. I would build something that give government more taxes where your house is so I could take it through eminent domain.

13. Eminent domain. You think you can take my house? From my cold dead hands.

14. Black people. Hah, you liberals thought that I was serious huh? But even me joking about this subject is enough for you to label me a "racist" isn't it? Sure, black comedians will make fun of my dancing abilities, call me a square, say that I have a small penis, insist that I'm not "hip" (I'm not) all because I'm white. But heaven forbid that I make a black joke.

15. People accepting political correctness. I don't. If I ever get a chance to become a public figure I'm going to make the most outrageous statements you can imagine. Then, when I'm asked to retract them I'm going to say something more outrageous.

16. The OLCC. Why is liquor so expensive? What about the "have-nots" and the "working poor" and the "underpriveliged?" Don't they deserve a drink?

17. People who drive foreign cars. Don't you like America?

18. People who drive foreign cars and have anti-Bush bumper stickers. You don't even support your fellow Americans. Shut up.

19. Bi-partisanship. That just means we all got screwed.

20. Things that are "european." It really bugs me.

21. Needle exchange programs. I mean really, why do we help criminals use drugs? I don't really care if they get AIDS. It's called "there are consequences for your actions."

22. Kids movies that feature people like "snoop dogg." (not a typo, there are two "g's" in dog) Why does this drug addict get paid to be in children's movies?

23. Public art. I just don't enjoy it at all.

24. Taxpayer funded abortion. How about we give all citizens guns at taxpayer expense? Guns actually are in the constitution, and not the made up part either.

25. People who think that they are tough on the internet. Stop leaving me "you'll get your ass kicked" comments from the comfort and anonymity of your mom's basement. No one thinks you are a man.

26. People who hate Joe McCarthy. He was a great American.

27. People who continue the propaganda against Joe McCarthy. You are probably communists.

28. This list. I have to end it or I will become bitter. That and I'm out of whiskey...

Bank robbers enjoy the "economic benefits" of their crimes too

Mexican president acknowledges economic importance of migration
President Fox proposed turning the migratory phenomenon into an opportunity for economic and cultural growth for both nations and migrants, after pointing out that the 21st Century will be identified with migration.

He repeated that from the perspective of his administration, this phenomenon contributes to the economies of countries with migratory flows and boosts competitiveness, which is why it is important to plan and allow this exchange to take place according to the laws that guarantee respect for migrants’ rights.

Mexico is a parasictic country. It's like that guy sleeping on your couch, eating your food, using your water and watching your tv thinks that the current situation is "beneficial." But it's only benefiting him while costing you your money and privacy.

The hostile enemy, Fox, can make claims of helping our "competitiveness" but he doesn't provide any facts to back that claim up.

I make claims that illegal aliens are raping our wives and children. Then I provide links to unbiased information that says:

Top officials at the Department of Homeland Security recently revealed that arrests for child sex crimes during the first two years of Operation Predator have exceeded 6,000 and 85 percent of them are criminal immigrants. LINK

And even if we pretend that illegal aliens do contribute to our "competitiveness"(so does taking steroids in sports) I am not willing to trade the safety of our children for (nonexistent) economic benefits.

You might note that in the Operation Predator article Oregon is one of the states that has had the most arrests of illegal alien child predators. These arrests have occured since our current governor was in office and he could have done something to stop it, namely STOP GIVING THEM DRIVERS LICENSES!

If I had won the powerball jackpot all of you would know it because today 16 state agencies would have been sued by the best and brightest lawyers I could find. Kulongoski would be sued for violating federal law and causing hundreds of children to be molested and I would sue over every "diversity" initiative this state has on the grounds of the equal protection clause, and I would do that in Judge James jurisdiction.

And finally, Allen of Salem sent me this great quote:

"In the first place we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the man's becoming in very fact an American, and nothing but an American...There can be no divided allegiance here.

Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag, and this excludes the red flag, which symbolizes all wars against liberty and civilization, just as much as it excludes any foreign flag of a nation to which we are hostile...We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language..and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people."

Theodore Roosevelt 1907

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Maybe if they were taxpayer funded like NPR

Air America Dead in D.C.
Air America, the liberal talk network carried on WWRC-AM (1260), went from bad to nonexistent. After WWRC recorded a mere fraction of a rating point in the spring with syndicated shows from the likes of lefty talkers Al Franken, Janeane Garofalo and Stephanie Miller, Arbitron couldn't detect a measurable listenership for the station this time around.

But it isn't really fair to compare liberal radio to the highly successful conservative talk shows. The conservative side has a demographic that is able to listen: people going to work or people at work.

On the liberal side: pot-heads usually sleep in and would rather listen to music or watch spongebob squarepants...

If you don't want to be robbed... you shouldn't have money

City to warn drivers: Hide the bling
The Portland City Council voted 5-0 Wednesday to buy new receipts that remind motorists to remove anything they don't want stolen from their vehicles. The receipts, which cost $116,000, are part of a new campaign to cut the number of car prowls and thefts from parked vehicles downtown. Also coming: large signs featuring McGruff the Crime Dog urging people to be smart when they leave their cars in the urban core.

This is just another reason not to go to Portland. Among other resolutions the council considered telling people:

If you didn't want to be burglarized you shouldn't have bought a home.

If you didn't want to be approached by smelly homeless people asking for money you shouldn't have come downtown.

If you wanted to be home at a decent hour you shouldn't commute through Portland.

If you don't want your car stolen you should ride a bike.

If you don't want to be killed by terrorists then we shouldn't have pulled out of the JTTF... er, never mind.

If you want people to come to your bussiness then you shouldn't have located it downtown.

If you didn't want an eco-terrorist sitting on a ledge of your building then you shouldn't live in a house that's made of trees.

The resolution they didn't consider:
When traveling downtown you are advised to carry a concealed handgun and be prepared to defend yourself from the rampant criminals.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

What they really believe

The Multnomah County Democrats have their platform convention coming up next month. This is where they look at the issues that they want to address. They do this by checking public opinion... and then doing the exact opposite of what Oregonians want. A sampling:

ORS 106.010 Amend the statute defining marriage to allow same sex marriages.

ORS 197.296 Repeal the requirement that urban growth boundaries be expanded.

ORS 471.030 Amend statute to insure OLCC retains control of liquor sales.

ORS 137.700 Repeal mandatory sentences

ORS 162.315 Amend statute to note that resisting a false arrest is not a crime.

ORS 163.105 Repeal the death sentence statute.

ORS 169.151 Repeal this requirement that incarcerated individuals pay rent.

Create statute to prohibit the publication of names of incarcerated individuals on the
This one would put a HUGE damper on all my efforts to find illegal aliens who have multiple drivers licenses and are registered to vote.

ORS 291.349 Repeal the "kicker".

Create legislation enacting progressive taxation on the transfer of wealth between generations, levied on those whose assets are greater than the assets of 99% of American decedents, with future adjustments in exemption levels and tax brackets tied to changes in the federal minimum wage, and an automatic 10% increase on the highest bracket in time of war. The rate structure of this tax should recognize the vast differences between inheriting 5, 50, and 500 million dollars, and implement tax rates such as 50% for estates above $5m, 60% for estates above $50m, and 65% for estates above $500m, with a minimum tax of 40%.

To their credit, they do have a few good ideas in there. But hey, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

If you don't agree with the above items then you should be voting Republican!

Gee, I think that conservatives don't like the Miers pick

Who Was the Second Choice?
The sickness of what liberals have done to America is that so many citizens – even conservative citizens – seem to believe the job of a Supreme Court justice entails nothing more than "voting" on public policy issues. The White House considers it relevant to tell us Miers' religious beliefs, her hobbies, her hopes and dreams. She's a good bowler! A stickler for detail! Great dancer! Makes her own clothes!

That's nice for her, but what we're really in the market for is a constitutional scholar who can forcefully say, "No -- that's not my job."

A great Ann Coulter column. After you finish reading that I would suggest you go over to NW Republican and read his post on Miers being toast. (yeah, I made that rhyme on purpose)

Fits perfectly with the "equal protection clause"

Bilingual Spanish Youth Librarian
$21.73 - $26.74 hourly
$3,781.02 - $4,652.76 monthly
$45,372.24 - $55,833.12 annually

Multnomah County Library is seeking applicants for Bilingual Spanish Youth Librarian positions.
Notice that it's plural. They are hiring for multiple positions.

Assess the needs of children and teens in the assigned community, with an emphasis on Latino families

Plan and implement programs and training sessions of interest to young adults, children and families in the library and the community, with a particular focus on Latino community and bilingual programs and services

Well you can count me as a definite YES vote on that regional tax because you know that I support government being good stewards of our tax money by hiring library staff to cater to one racial demographic. Oh wait, no I don't.

If Multnomah County can afford to hire multiple "Latino librarians" then they can afford to hire some teachers... who will probably just be teaching the kids of illegal aliens. Man, I can't avoid this issue even if I try. It's all-encompassing.

Need another good reason to support another tax? Check out the skimpy benefits package that these poor, underpaid public "servants" have to suffer with:

Retirement: County employees are included in the Oregon Public Employees' Retirement System (PERS/OPSRP). The County pays both the employer and the employee's share of the retirement contribution (six percent of wages).

Life Insurance: The County provides life insurance at no cost to employees under a term life insurance policy.

Bus Pass Program: The County provides a bus pass to all regular employees.

Health Care (Medical, Vision and Dental): Four medical/vision options and two dental options are offered to employees. Coverage is included for the employee and immediate family, i.e. spouse or domestic partner and eligible dependent children. The County pays most of the cost of health care premiums, with employees paying a small share.

I would say that Multnomah County is being generous with their benefits but that would be a lie... it's not generosity when you are giving away other people's money!

Uh, I'm from... Wisconsin

From Euthanasia to Marijuana to Live Sex Shows Oregon Allows it All
Oregon is becoming an increasingly confusing state with the decision last month to remove restrictions prohibiting “live sex shows” and close contact by nude dancers. The state also allows “assisted suicide” and has the most lenient drug laws in the nation. But then on the conservative side it has introduced a constitutional amendment prohibiting same sex marriages and has outlawed smoking. Oregon also prohibits pumping your own gas.

The rest of the country is increasingly looking at us as though we were some sort of crazed hippie who reeks of petouli oil and has obviously done too much acid. I hear that even California wants to put a fence between us...

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

WSJ Online

California RaceHighlights SplitOn Immigration
The success of Mr. Gilchrist's single-issue campaign reflects more than the mood of the 48th congressional district in Southern California's conservative heartland. It serves as a metaphor for the deep schism among conservative voters nationally -- and within the Republican party leadership -- over what to do with 11 million undocumented immigrants living in the U.S.

For so many people this IS the issue. So many problems stem from the lack of enforcing our laws that people are ready to vote for someone based soley on the promise to solve the illegal immigration problem.

After that the school funding "crises" is lessened, the overcrowded jails are not quite so crowded, (or hopefully still crowded but with our criminals rather than Mexico's) livability is improved with a lower crime rate, health care costs stabilize and we can stop printing everything in Spanish!

Mac Johnson Column

PBS Peddles New Online Leftist Indoctrination to Children
Cheeko cawed forth the question again: “People want to drill for oil in this area even though it is a wildlife preserve. What is your vote?” Below the freakish FrankenMonkey were two potential votes, “YES” or “NO.” The Texas part of me immediately took over. “Well, yes, for Pete’s sake,” I thought. I’d drill for oil through the family cemetery if I thought it would reduce our dependence on foreign oil by 0.00001%. So I clicked “Yes,” much to the horror of the boy, who knew very well what “No” looks like, but just wanted me to come play the game with him. “NO, DAD, DON”T!” he cried. But it was too late.

Cheeko pounced on us. Being a liberal abomination, he was too worried about our self-esteem to tell us that we were wrong, but squawked out instead “Here’s a better choice. Oil keeps our homes comfortable and provides us with electricity, but removing oil from a wildlife preserve can hurt the land, plants, and animals. -8 points.” “MINUS EIGHT POINTS!!!???” the boy shouted, then looked at me as if I had stepped on his goldfish and said “Why did you do that, Dad?”

Wow, looks like Bill Moyers may have retired from his evening show on PBS and now controlls the childrens website.

Mac Johnson Homepage

Violates the equal protection clause Judge James?

YWCA Purple Hands Pledge raises awareness of violence
In an effort to raise awareness about violence against women and minorities, the University’s YWCA is encouraging students to take a pledge to refrain from using words and hands to discriminate and thereby disrespect women and people of racially diverse backgrounds.

However, it was noted that the university still condoned hurtful words and physical violence against white males. "Those crackers keep coming in to our neighborhoods, looking at our women..." said one University official. "It's time we started throwing pies at them"

Students who took the pledge of non-violence towards women and minorites were also offered to sign up for the "why we hate Christians" awareness program. The program, taught at major universities around the country, teaches students that those who believe in some sort of mystical "God" are dangerous and should be demeaned at every chance possible. Brian, a university student said, "I want everyone to feel comfortable sharing their values, that's why we need to eliminate the Christians from campus."

Criminal aliens commit sex crimes

Feds crack down on immigrant child offenders
More than 6,000 netted in 'Operation Predator,' 40% illegal aliens

Known as "Operation Predator," the law enforcement effort is part of a two-year-old Department of Homeland Security initiative carried out by the agency's Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, or ICE. Some 85 percent of those arrested are foreign-born, according to DHS officials; 40 percent are illegal aliens.

Our state and federal government allows and even encourages these illegal aliens to come here and then they rape our wives and children. How long will we allow it to continue?

Monday, October 17, 2005

The solution we've been looking for...

You may have heard that Janet Reno is in town and while at first this made me nervous, (I assumed that she was hear to burn down my house due to my belief in God and gun rights) but now I realize that her presence is a great opportunity.

We just need to convince her that all the illegal aliens in this state are 6 year old boys from Communist countries whose dictators would like to use them as political props. She will have armed federal agents busting down the doors of the taxpayer funded migrant housing complexes faster than you can say "Cuba's thriving economy."

Who gave us the Communist judge?

Press Release
Governor Kulongoski announced today that he has appointed Mary Mertens James to fill the vacancy on the Marion County Circuit Court bench created by the retirement of Judge Greg West on June 1, 2003. The appointment of Ms. James is effective immediately.

“It gives me great pleasure to announce the appointment of two very impressive and highly-qualified women to the Marion County bench. I am confident that Judges James and Burton will be exceptional and fair-minded jurists,” the Governor said.

If by "fair minded" you mean upholding the rule of law... as dictated by Fidel Castro.

Governor Kulogoski's appointment has overturned the will of 61% of the Oregon voters. And while this do-nothing governor is out claiming that the "voters have spoken" when it comes to the state giving people permission to kill themselves but he can't even muster a tiny bit of indignation now that Oregonians have had their will trampled on and their private property treated as if government owns it and we are just renters.

I trust that our next governor, Jason Atkinson, will appoint different kinds of judges to the bench. Judges who won't throw out intiative results under the umbrella "equal protection" clause.

I can't wait for my health insurance costs to go up

AHEC Spanish Interpreter Training Proposal Employer Workforce Training Fund:
According to the 2000 census, the Hispanic population of northwest Oregon has increased to 275,314 from 112,707 (in 1990), and an increase of 144%. Yet this official count does not capture the entire picture as there is general recognition that Latinos are significantly undercounted. In fact, one local Hispanic advocacy agency states that the number of undocumented Hispanics in the area is at least equal to the number of immigrants with legal status.

The project need statement goes on to whine about illegal aliens not being able to speak English at the "level that permits him or her to interact effectively with health and social service agencies and providers." To which I say: good! Come here legally and learn some English if you want health care and social services.

The "people's media" coverage of the rally

While we were ignored by The Oregonian (too busy covering a new "mixed-use" building, how exciting) and the Statesmen Journal (too busy with marching bands) and all the tv networks (too busy doing "meth watch" updates that are purely for shock value) the media of the people, the internet, has plenty of stories on the Minuteman rally on Saturday.

Check out Citizen Caucus (whose founders were at the rally) and their slide show.

Oregon Conservative (whose founder was at the rally) has another great article.

For stories from the tolerance crowd check out Portland's "indymedia" and the folks over at BlueOregon who are famous for trying to keep black people from voting. (If I keep saying it over and over then people will believe that it's true!)

A Google news search for the terms "minutemen" "rally" "Salem" reveal the Statesmen Journals pre-announcement of the event and a BlueOregon headline calling us "Xenophobes."

Traditional media be dammed, we all know that if it came to a vote of the people we would not issue drivers licenses to illegal aliens, we would not give them government benefits, we would not print every government document in Spanish, and we would not allow them to continue to come here to sell drugs and rape our women.

We would vote to deport them immediately. The folks in the media can ignore our rally but they can't ignore that fact.

Waste of money Part II

University Park Community Center
A nice little flash intro. Portland government wasted a lot of time on this site rather than say, a sex offender registry site, that would actually fulfill government's real duties: public safety!

The Spanish Google search buttons are above the clearly second-class English search field.

But the best part, new construction! And you know what that means.

Public Art for University Park Community Center (UPPC). RACC is pleased to invite artists/teams working in all media and living in Oregon and Washington to submit qualifications for a Percent for Art project in conjunction with new construction at the University Park Community Center at 9009 N. Foss in North Portland. The art budget is approximately $51,000. Contact Peggy Kendellen, Public Art Manager, at Deadline: 10/31/05.

Public Art Mural Program Polices & Guidelines
Just in case you were worried about any racism going on around this obviously "multicultural" affair, the RACC has made it very clear that they will discriminate:

diversity - race, age, style, media, experimentation, range of professional experience

Race comes before "range of professional experience" you know...

Full time?

Elevator Electrician/Mechanic
$3,121 - $4,359 MONTHLY

This permanent, full-time position is with the Department of Administrative Services (DAS), Facilities Division, Operations and Maintenance Section, located in Salem.

There is no test for this job. If you meet the "To Qualify" requirements on this announcement, your name will be placed on the list with a code of QLF (qualified).
No test? Remind me not to ride in elevators in state buildings....

The purpose of the Elevator Electrician/Mechanic is to troubleshoot, repair, and respond to emergencies for elevators at DAS, and state owned buildings.

The sole purpose of this full time $52,308 a year job (not including benefits) is to respond to elevator emergencies. Now how many of those happen every day? Do we even have an "elevator emergency" every month?

Couldn't a lot of taxpayer money be saved if we simply called in a proffesional elevator repairman, you know, one who actually had to pass a test, for those emergency situations?

This is like keeping a full time heart surgeon on staff for those cardiac arrest emergencies rather than simply taking the heart attack victim to the hospital for that rare occurance.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Cheatings husbands bring AIDS to Mexico

AIDS poses growing health threat for Hispanics
AIDS and HIV infection, which were almost unheard of in the pueblos and villages of southern Mexico five years ago, are rising at startling rates in women infected by migrant husbands upon their return from the United States, experts say.

The Centers for Disease Control reports that 20 percent of the U.S. AIDS cases are found in Hispanics even though they represent 14 percent of the county's overall population.
This statistic is attributed to the "culture" of Mexicans that is raved about and celebrated by every public agency in this state. I propose the diversity slogan: Mexican culture: It kills housewifes.

"It grows with silence and secrecy (and is) an emerging epidemic," Alberto Moreno, a migrant health coordinator with the Oregon Department of Human Services, told a roomful of immigrants from Mexico at the consulate offices in downtown Portland.
Alberto Moreno is our public servant who responded to my email requesting public help for my (imaginary) illegal alien friend. His boss was subsequently called to be on the Lars Larson show and he vowed that public health services would not be supplied to illegal aliens.

But I found this item on the DHS HIV reporting site:
Won't HIV-infected undocumented persons be afraid to seek health care services? There are no surveys or other data to help answer this. Public health services delivered by local health departments and OHS are delivered to everyone regardless of citizenship. As with all public health programs and all reportable diseases, OHS has no obligation or intent to work with the Immigration & Naturalization Service to share information about undocumented persons.

So which is it? Does the state of Oregon use tax dollars, in violation of the law, to help illegal aliens with their self-inflicted health problems or not? Can't we just tell the illegal aliens to stop having sex with underage girls while they are away from their wives in Mexico?

Saturday, October 15, 2005

It doesn't exist... oops, I can still find it!

While writing a letter to the editor I went to look at one of the carousel of criminal information brochures that have been hosted on our taxpayer funded government servers. Guess what?
ERROR 404 - File Not Found

They took them all down!

Aha, but do a Google search with the operator "cache:" in front of that address and you get the HTML copy that is stored on Google servers. Sorry Oregon, cover ups aren't as quite as easy in the age of online media and blogs. (ask Dan Rather)

Google search will look like this:


Media: we were busy not mentioning Kelley Wirth's party affiliation

You may not realize this but a political protest happened today. I say that you may not realize it because it wasn't on the news. It won't be in the news tommorow either. The Statesmen Journal gave our event a pre-announcement in their paper but then never sent anyone to cover the actual protest.

Why do they ignore us you wonder? First, they hate the people. The media simply don't like people like you and me. (unless "you" happen to be a government worker) The media has their own ideas about what information should be made available, how that information should be presented and what the end result of the "masses" knowing this information should be.

The issue of stopping illegal immigration is so popular that even the "proffessional" media can't put a big enough spin on it to make it sound good. (This means that they usually spend their time denouncing patriotic Americans as "racist")

So their new strategy? Close their eyes and wait for us to go away! If they don't report on it then they believe that it's like the protest never happened.

In some ways they are right and in some ways they are dead wrong. People were invigorated today. People were encouraged and people were informed. Unfortunately a large segment of our population hasn't been encouraged, informed or invigorated. The media doesn't want them to be.

The lying hypocrites who will cite "majorities who support abortion" won't ever let the words "majorities who oppose illegal immigration" pass their lips. They are not the media for the people.

I would encourage all of you to contact at least one if not all of the media outlets and ask them why they didn't cover today's protest. Take 3 minutes of your time to make a diffence. Let's flood them with this question. Let's make our voices heard.

TIP: some of these links are webforms but for the ones that open up an Outlook email, simply write one letter and then copy and paste it to the rest!

Letter to the editor (Oregonian)

Letter to the editor (Statesmen Journal)

Contact form (KATU 2)

Contact form (KPTV 12)

KOIN addresses (KOIN 6)

KGW addresses (KGW 8)

Illegal immigration protest

It was a little bit wet in Salem but the OFIR protest was great. It's always nice to have a good group of like-minded Americans meet to discuss the problem and possible solutions. We had great speakers including several Minutemen who have been or are going to the border, Victoria Taft, Richard Sturm, Ruth Bendl, Rick Hickey, and myself. (pictured above)

While folks from the media of the people, talk radio and blogs, showed up, there was no sign of any of the mainstream press. I'd like to thank Victoria for being there (860KPAM 6-9pm) as well as bloggers Allen (Allen of Salem) and Nick (the Cheezer) and website operators Michael and Elaine of Citizen Caucus and Cherrill of Oregon Conservative and the Oregon Republican Assembly.

It was nice to hear and see proof of talk radio and blogs getting the word out, helping people network, and encouraging people to become active in issues they care about. Clearly this issue is one at the forefront of a lot of people's minds.

The counter-protest that I was promised (in Spanish, in comments on my blog) never really materialized except for these four. With the usual "no human is illegal" signs I'm sure that they had the support of Kelley Wirth. In all fairness, they did not yell or make a scene and two of them came to talk to me afterwards and they were polite. My wife did say she saw them take my picture (had I known I could have given them a smile) so we'll see where that ends up. I'll even post a picture below for you libs who want to doctor it and put it up on Craig's List along with scurilous lies. Just keep in mind that I have had people kicked off that site for libel before and if you want to put up falsehoods about me then you will be banned as well.

I also had a lot of people come up to me who had never met me in person. If you see me around, whether at a political gathering or not, feel free to come up and say hi. I'm the bald guy who won't shut up.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Judge rules capitalism violates constitution, establishes communism

Voter-Passed Measure 37 Law Is Overturned
SALEM, Ore. - A judge on Friday overturned a voter-passed property compensation law as unconstitutional.

Marion County Circuit Judge Mary James struck down the law as violating five provisions of the state and federal constitutions.

James said the statute violates equal protection provisions of the Oregon Constitution and a state constitutional ban on suspending laws.

If judges did this with right-wing decisions then we would have an open revolt. (admittedly, liberals are girlie-men, so it would be a short-lived revolt) Imagine if a judge ruled the progressive tax unconstitutional because it violates the equal protection clause.

More important than learning

As the interim dean, Robin Holmes plans to make cultural competency a primary goal
Holmes, a clinical psychologist, was appointed interim dean of students in June, a position she said will enable her to continue her work preventing student suicide and help her improve the social environment on campus.

Improving campus-wide cultural competency and suicide prevention are her principle aims as interim dean, Holmes said.

Holmes plans to use her position as interim dean of students to further the University’s cultural competency objectives.

“We’re bringing together a committee of student affairs professionals who are going to work on writing our divisional cultural competency plan,” she said. “I think we can lead the charge in bringing cultural competency to campus.”

To define cultural competency, Holmes draws examples from her work as a psychologist.

A culturally competent campus requires that individuals keep biases and backgrounds from hindering relations with others, Holmes said.

Can anyone find the buzzword?

I think that we refer to people like this as a "one trick pony" and she is a classic example of the myopic mission of people who have had job titles such as "diversity coordinator" for multiple years.

Working Definition of Cultural Competence

Cultural competence is a developmental process occurring at individual and system levels that evolves over an extended time period. Cultural competence requires that individuals and organizations:

a.) Have a defined set of values and principals, demonstrated behaviors, attitudes, policies and
structures that enable them to work effectively in a cross-cultural manner.

b.) Demonstrate the capacity to 1.) value diversity, 2.) engage in self-reflection, 3.) manage the
dynamics of difference, 4.) acquire and institutionalize cultural knowledge, and 5.) adapt to the
diversity and the cultural contexts of the communities they serve.

c.) Incorporate and advocate the above in all aspects of leadership, policy making, administration, practice, and service delivery while systematically involved customers, key stakeholders, and communities.

Do you want the U of O to give your kids a "defined set of values?"

Thursday, October 13, 2005

The cost of incarceration

You all know from the list of DOC inmates with an ICE/INS hold that there are 765 illegal aliens sitting in Oregon prisons. What does it cost Oregon taxpayers to house these criminals who shouldn't even be in our country?

Cost per Inmate per Day $ 64.08

X 365

Cost per inmate per year: $23,389.20

X 765

= Taxpayer cost per year: $17,892,738
cost source