Saturday, October 22, 2005

Cancel your subscription

I just cancelled my subscription the The Daily Dead Fishwrapper. The phone number to call is 503-221-8240. I spoke to Patty in customer service and when she asked why I was cancelling I told her it was the paper's refusal to effectively cover the issue of illegal aliens. (It would be interesting if several of you talked to the same person this morning and we all gave the same reason.)

The internet has far more national and local news than an old fashioned print paper anyway.


Anonymous said...

Thanks..this needs to be done by just a few more then Daniel and myself on Monday.

These people just don't get it, but they will if its in the back pocket.

Daniel said...

I'm glad that you are joining me anonymous. You don't need to wait until Monday though, you can call the number anytime.

Anonymous said...

Another reason to cancel:read STEVE DUIN THIS AM> My response.

Just a note on Duin's "cat box/bird cage liner" installment in the Sunday Oregonian paper for you military "low income friend's," I copied that he mentioned.

Boy, who does that remind you of? DUIN HATES THE MILITARY!

AHHH!!!! Come on you died in the wool Portland "BUBBA" lovers, would that be just about all of you?

Lets see here, no recruiting on schools grounds, no real welcome home activities by the city (or the county either) but by golly, when we have a death in the state by someone in Iraq...TEDDY DOES TO THE FUNERAL!

You "haters" know where Teddy was when the first guard unit in Salem was activated? He was invited to speak, but he was BOWLING over at the coast with some more "haters" who supported his election,(staff thanked the unit for the invite....HE WAS TOO BUSY!

The gist of Duin's dribble/anti-Military/anti-EVERYTHING, was recruiters lied to some low income students, an promised some dinner and never delivered that before "hauling" them off to war. Give me a break!

Heard somebody looked at the enlistment stats over the last five years of the income levels of the people that came into the service.."WELL WHAT DO YOU KNOW!", the young men,an women were NOT, all low income.

An what the hell is wrong, with a low income person starting out there?

You haven't the space to devote to who in the enlistment ranks went on to be generals, admirals, and more to the point were successfully able to lead others in the ranks.

This sick, diatribe is par for the course here.

My kids, middle income level kids, have in the Navy(now a nurse) one in the Marines (2 times in Iraq, leaving the service to attend a highly special school to learn high performance engine building), another in the Army, enjoying her time, learning a trade, taking college courses for a degree towards teaching art as a teacher.

By the way..She graduated from Lincoln, a real "lefty" school which she loathed, an would never teach here.


What you will find is they don't take just anybody...I'll bet you would have trouble with moral ethics.

Anonymous said...

More reasons to stop this rag ,call them today:


Some jerk PDXERS "complained" that an Airline captain, "held them captive" while he spoke enroute about two returning Iraq vets on the plane.
They didn't wish to hear about WAR,they didn't wish for a political speech, well what I was thinking, they could have spit on the two combat vets....OR BETTER YET, JUST GOT OFF THE PLANE ...ENROUTE