Monday, October 17, 2005

Who gave us the Communist judge?

Press Release
Governor Kulongoski announced today that he has appointed Mary Mertens James to fill the vacancy on the Marion County Circuit Court bench created by the retirement of Judge Greg West on June 1, 2003. The appointment of Ms. James is effective immediately.

“It gives me great pleasure to announce the appointment of two very impressive and highly-qualified women to the Marion County bench. I am confident that Judges James and Burton will be exceptional and fair-minded jurists,” the Governor said.

If by "fair minded" you mean upholding the rule of law... as dictated by Fidel Castro.

Governor Kulogoski's appointment has overturned the will of 61% of the Oregon voters. And while this do-nothing governor is out claiming that the "voters have spoken" when it comes to the state giving people permission to kill themselves but he can't even muster a tiny bit of indignation now that Oregonians have had their will trampled on and their private property treated as if government owns it and we are just renters.

I trust that our next governor, Jason Atkinson, will appoint different kinds of judges to the bench. Judges who won't throw out intiative results under the umbrella "equal protection" clause.


Anonymous said...

Just another paid for judge. She will continue to do the liberals bidding behind the scenes. That's how they shopped her for 37 in the first place.

Gullyborg said...

twice as many people in her district voted for Measure 37 as voted to re-elect her on the same ballot.

Do the math.


thomas said...

"Votes don't count", says Judge.
Although Jason Atkinson appeared to have captured the Governors office by garnering 70% of total votes, Judge Mary James rules that "voters didn't understand" and rules Atkinsons election void. Kulingowski agrees to remain as overseer of the Peoples Republic until a successor can be groomed to replace him.

Jason the Outspoken said...

What worries me is our steady march toward socialism. The Kelo decision tells us that government can take our property at the point of a gun (if you resist they send the police) and sell it to another private party. The recent decision on M37 tells us that our property rights are not rights, they are privilages that are subject to the whims of the legislature. The right to private property is a fundamental element of liberty; and our government has made it clear that, step by step, they WILL take away our private property rights and thus our liberty.

Welcome comrades to the People's State of Oregon.