Saturday, October 08, 2005

Instead of seeking public approval, gays turn hatred towards Minnis

Gay-rights group won't pursue initiative
Basic Rights Oregon announced Friday it will not pursue an initiative next year that would allow civil unions for same-sex couples or ban discrimination based on sexual orientation.

"Our decision to not do a campaign, I don't think, is a signal of any kind that we would lose or that there was no way we could win," Kassel said. "It was that it wasn't the best way for us to win."
Going to the citizens of Oregon isn't "the best way" for the radical homosexuals to win. Instead they work on electing representatives who ignore the will of the people in favor of special interest groups like Basic Rights.

Kassel said her group would work next year to defeat Republicans such as House Speaker Karen Minnis, R-Wood Village, who during this year's legislative session refused to allow a House debate or vote on SB 1000.

Of course, in all this "grassroots" stuff that the Fishwrapper reports on they seem to have left out the fact that Basic Rights is suing to overturn Measure 36! Is that considered "grassroots?"

But don't think that Basic Rights is content with eliminating their "enemy number 1" (Karen Minnis) and overturning Measure 36 through the courts. Absolutely not. These are radical people whose complete agenda will never be discussed in the Fishwrappers because if the genereal public would never accept it.

Some examples:
Employees should not be forced to use bathrooms that do not correspond to their gender identity. Like all employees, transgender people need access to safe and dignified restroom facilities. SOURCE
So the freak that thinks that he's a woman wants to share a bathroom with you, your wife, or your daughter. And Basic Rights thinks the law should make that OK.

Our suggestion is to have a non-gender specific dress code. If you choose to have a gender specific dress code, different trans people will have different needs when it come to dress code policies.
Because Basic Rights thinks that having a man wearing heels and a dress should be working the front door of a children's toy store.

These people are simply selfish and sick. HRC, a national group, has a Q & A section where a parent says that her 7 year old daughter thinks she's a boy. The "expert" replied by saying that the family should not seek therapy but instead he offered to put this 7 year old girl in touch with a high school kid who had "a similair experience." Wonder how that would turn out.

I think that it's important not to forget that these people are slowly institutionalizing their perversity into every facet of public life. Whether they do it through innocent sounding campaigns such as "safe schools" (for gays, not safe for Christians) or "hate crimes" legislation that makes some people more important than others or simply going after a company, city, or county to change their "discrimination" policies to make bathrooms "gender neutral."

We are under constant attack and I truly believe that if we allow society to say that the traditional family is not neccessary then this country is doomed.


Anonymous said...

You have to understand that at least part of their strategy on SB 1000 is that if the Oregon Sup. Court overtuns M 36, they can say "We tried to use the legislature, not the courts, first, and Minnis blocked us." Its a pretty effective political strategy, although BS of course.

Troutdale Councilor Canfield said...

Folks need to keep in mind how deep gay rights activism extends into Multnomah County politics.

Multnomah County Chairwoman Diane Linn's re-election campaign manager is Alisa Simmons. Simmons is an Executive Board member of Basic Rights Oregon and is also chair of BRO's political action committee.

Kind of makes one wonder- who runs Multnomah County, BRO or the County Commission?

Anonymous said...

Your last paragraph sums it up and the for that same reason the radical Islams hope to bring us that doom.

thomas said...

Who was it that said: "Let the people vote, that way they will THINK they have a say in government"? ( I know that's not an accurate quote, but...)

So "WE, The People," vote on what we consider to be the best course for our society, wanting it to remain healthy and safe for our children, and some small fringe group wants to make a court case out of what the majority has already decided upon. I was led to believe that the majority rules, but I see that, in our new "PC" culture, I am wrong. Hopelessly outdated.

If a man or woman doesn't know which bathroom to use, he (or she) might need to visit a psyciatric professional after visiting said bathroom. If your 7yo is "gender-confused" it is (imho) akin to child abuse to put him in contact with other GC kids.

For far too long have we allowed the moral erosion of our Judeao-Christian roots by groups such as Basic Rights Oregon, and if this remains unchecked, we are indeed doomed.

Daniel said...

anonymous, there strategy from the beginning has been BS.

Councilor Canfield, I've heard that Tim Nesbitt (president of Oregon AFL-CIO) is the real governor of Oregon and now that Roey Thorpe is the true head of the Multnomah County Commion. No wonder our state is so screwed up.

anonymous, I really believe it too.

Thomas, these people really do have mental disorders. And it should be considered child abuse to put a 7 year old in contact with a high school student to talk about gender issues and sexuality. In a sane world it would be.

I am Coyote said...

We all knew that they would have never tried to put a "pro homosexuall" measure on the ballot.

They know that the only way to push their radical and extreme political agenda is to use veiled arguments and hatred.

Remember, these are the folks that have come up with that wonderfull campaign slogan "stick it to Minnis."

Feel the love?

MAX Redline said...


I think it's worth noting that in metro pdx, your vote is meaningless. I mean - we voted down light rail not once but twice, but it didn't mean anything. The extensions still got built.

Tim Lewis said...

And we put it in our US Constitution for the state to stay out of religion, yet they constantly keep people like myself from practicing it in schools. It's ok to be and act gay in school...but Christian...

If people like this can distort the Constitution, they'll have no problem doing the same with other laws we enact.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Alisa Simmons, the campaign manager of Diane Linn's re-election campaign- here is a quote from Simmons from the Weekly Wire in 1999:

""I felt really empowered," said Alisa Simmons, 22, who traveled to Seattle from the University of Oregon. "I felt like I was part of a group, a movement of people. When people were smashing Starbucks I started dancing in the streets, because there was a feeling that these are our streets, this is our world, and we're going to block it off and dance in these streets. That was the first time I felt like that, that I was a direct part of democracy."

Now we know that the campaign manager of Diane Linn's re-election campaign advocates smashing private property and then cheering about it. Violence in the streets must be another one of those "basic rights" the gay mafia is demanding...