Thursday, October 27, 2005

Ann Coulter two-fer

'Scratch-Off' Miers
[Editor's note: Since the publishing of Ann's column, Harriet Miers withdrew her nomination to the Supreme Court.]

For five years, Bush has initiated massive spending programs, obstinately refused to protect the borders and signed restrictions on political speech into law. His veto pen remains unopened and unused in its original shrink-wrapped case. Bush treats conservatives like the Democrats treat the blacks (which is to say, pretty badly).

Ann Coulter on Miers Withdrawal: It's Morning in America!
Although the circumstances were unfortunate—we prefer fighting liberals to fighting our President—the Miers withdrawal is an unparalleled victory for conservatives. Liberals were never able to do this to Clinton when he hosed them. It will be a long time before the White House thinks it can use and abuse conservatives again.

Before and after. Ann is a lot happier after... (as are a lot of us)


Anonymous said...

Alas, poor Miers got stuck play'en the Tar Baby game and she has played it well.

Then Brer Fox knew he had been tricked.

Daniel said...

Now let's see what effect this has on the next nomination...

james of salem said...

I love Ann, but..
Conservatives are hosed each passing day the President continues to ignore the illegal alien problem. Still..I'm happy we get to redo the Miers thing

Tony said...

The good thing is, he was in such a pinch over the Miers debacle, he had to address the illegal aliens issue to get back on our good side.

Thanks, Harriet!