Saturday, October 15, 2005

It doesn't exist... oops, I can still find it!

While writing a letter to the editor I went to look at one of the carousel of criminal information brochures that have been hosted on our taxpayer funded government servers. Guess what?
ERROR 404 - File Not Found

They took them all down!

Aha, but do a Google search with the operator "cache:" in front of that address and you get the HTML copy that is stored on Google servers. Sorry Oregon, cover ups aren't as quite as easy in the age of online media and blogs. (ask Dan Rather)

Google search will look like this:



Anonymous said...

ERROR 404 - File Not Found

I think they killed that as well.

FMIL said...

Yep ... you shouldn't have told them/us you could find it and just posted it in its entirety on your blog. Sigh ... oh well