Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Government finds itself in a hole, starts to dig it's way out

Discrimination claims costing Oregon millions
Oregon taxpayers have shelled out more than $16.5 million over the past decade to fight and pay off employment discrimination claims lodged against state government.

Ross said seven state agencies -- including the Department of Human Services -- have already started looking at where they might improve. Affirmative action representatives from various agencies meet once a month to talk about state hiring and employment practices and will look more deeply at the data to identify trends and problem areas.

That is the first and last paragraph from this story and I think that it shows what the problem is.

Liberals and state government have convinced minorities and women that they are victims. They convinced them that no one will give them contracts or hire them simply because of their gender or skin color. They've said that it's so bad that government must put aside special contracts just for the women and minority victims. It's so bad that they must have "affirmative action" to hire women and minorities rather than hire on merit.

Once hired, the employees must listen to their "diversity manager" prattle on about "institutionalized racism" and "glass ceilings."

All these things are designed to make women and minorities feel like everyone is out to get them, that the only possible reason for not getting that promotion, corner office, etc is that people are discriminating against them.

And now the state is suprised that women and minorities that work for state government are acting like the victims that the state told them they were.

But instead of saying "enough with this diversity nonsense" it looks as if the diversity folks are instead going to assume that it is actual discrimination and go even further with the affirmative action and diversity garbage.


MAX Redline said...

The whole idea behind "celebrating diversity" is to point out and exaggerate differences rather than to focus on the commonalities.It's simply institutionalized racism, sexism, and a whole bunch of other "isms".

Daniel said...

If they would just treat everyone like people instead of victims then we wouldn't have this lawsuit problem.